Monday, September 23, 2013

Tiny Dancers X's 2

Last week was kind of brutal for me emotionally.  We are on the third week of school and I feel like I finally have come to terms with it.  I finally don't feel like crying every time I have to tell someone that Sawyer is a kindergartener and I don't feel sad whenever I say that Harper is in preschool.  I am happy for my girls and I know that they are happy, and I am pretty sure that that is all that really matters.  

One thing I love about school is the stories that the girls come home with.  Sawyer has already had a boy kiss her on the shoulder (no more of that please), and has joined club, has had a friend "leave" the club, is thrilled with Mako Bucks ( a reward you get for displaying good behavior, can't remember any of her new friends' when we ask her but she will randomly mention one of them by name in conversation, and is so excited when she tells us about the letter they spent time learning about that day at school.  

My favorite story of Sawyer's...

So Sawyer was telling me that one of her new friends at school always speaks Spanish to her and she doesn't really like it because she can't understand it. Yesterday she asked the girl why she was speaking Spanish and the girl said "I don't know how to speak Spanish, I sound funny because I have a cold"

One day Sawyer insisted on packing her sunglasses in her backpack.  It cracked me up to see her and her little friends wearing their sunnies while waiting in the pickup line after school...

I also really like the extra cuddles after school...

Harper's stories are a little harder to follow but that makes them just that much more sweeter.  Harps tries to keep up with her sister's story telling.  I remember being in preschool and my sister was in elementary school and Britney would tell my mom all these elaborate stories about her day and about new projects she was working on and my preschool stories just didn't I would make them up.  I am pretty sure no one was even listening but I was so happy telling them all about my made up day and thinking to myself "they are totally believing me!".  I wonder what funny memories my kids will have.

I love that Harper and Decker have each other to play with while Sawyer is at school.  They actually seem to have a lot of fun together.

We gave Decker one of his birthday presents a little early.  It is possible that Harps was more excited about it than he was.

My social life is basically non-existent now.  You would think that I have more time for friends now that the girls are in school but I in fact have less time because I am driving around picking up and dropping off my girls, and when I am not doing that I am either at home napping or feeding Decks.  I miss some social time, but I actually think I am going to like sticking to more of a schedule with the kids. Last week we did squeeze in a play date with Decker's buddy Canaan over at our house... 

Decker showed off his crib to Canes.

Did I tell you that my little boyfriend can say hi now?  He doesn't just wave, he actually says "hi".  So that means he is up to 4 words now..."Mama", "Dada" (in no particular order, of course ;)), "Bubba" and "Hi".  And he has 7 visible teeth and more on the way.  I crush on this kid big time.

Husband didn't like this picture of our boy crawling up the stairs by himself.  Truthfully I didn't like it either, I was surprised to find him there.  But then again, I think it is pretty cute at the same time.

Someone wasn't interested in a picture with his mama...

If only this picture could talk (why wasn't I videoing?!) you would hear him say "hi" :)

Sawyer took this on her own. Surprisingly she set the aperture too (it was luck).  I think she has some natural talent ;)

If I was a one year old girl, my eyes would be on this kid...

He has us all smitten.  Seriously.

Both girls were excited to start dance last week.  Harper was certainly the most excited, I think she was mostly stoked on the new dance gear.  The girl wore it for three days straight.  Sawyer has class on Thursdays and Harper has class on Fridays.  Decker thinks it is all a little boring but he is a good least there is an empty dance studio for him to explore while we wait.

Harper after dance strapped herself into the driver's seat while I changed Decks.  She is too much.

And lets not forget, we were lucky enough to have Grandma & Grandpa in town last week too.  We spent some time in the afternoons over there.  Our kids may have gotten a little "pooled" out this summer because they weren't too interested in swimming even though it still feels like summer around here.

The last night with the grandparents here we had dinner in the harbor.  Sawyer and Harper decided to dress kind of fancy ;)

Sawyer is a little mama in the making.  She told me I need to have another baby so that she and Harper can each have a baby to take care of.

Our lives seem to be moving pretty fast, but it is safe to say that we jam and cram as much into each day that we possibly can. Although I am a huge lover of summer, it seems as though our weekends are slowing down a little bit and I think I am liking the time to relax as a family at home.  I love this little crew of mine.


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