Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Magic || Decker Thomas Turns One

I wrote this blog post the night before my son turned one with the intention of posting it on his birthday.  His birthday has come and gone and nothing has really changed except we are all a month and a half older than we were back on September 27th.  I find that with our lives being so busy these days I really appreciate and embrace the moments that we have together more than I did before.  I am actually feeling the speed in which life is passing us by and I don't want to waste a second of it.  I love the time Marc and I have with our kids and I sincerely look forward to the moments when we are all at home, and together.

But before getting further off little Baby Magic, ever since he showed up life has felt just that much more complete.  So obsessed with this boy.

Written on September 26, 2013 -

The moment Decker was placed into my arms I just knew that he was, indeed, magic. In my eyes he was the epitome of perfect and never once have I thought otherwise. My pregnancy with Decker wasn't my favorite but then I had the easiest delivery (the doctor even told me I made it look easy and should do it in the about awkward) and the most precious baby boy was handed to me and I suddenly felt so complete and happy and knew that our family was now everything I had ever dreamed of. Decker breathes magic, something about him is so comforting to me - he is the perfect mix of every one of us and I am almost brought to tears thinking about how lucky we all are to have him in our lives. This last year has gone by so quickly yet it has been packed full of so many moments and memories and good vibes. I rarely talk religion but looking into the eyes of my babies I know that angels must be real and God is good - there is no other way to explain it. I feel so so blessed to be Decker's mother and every morning I wake up happy knowing that he will forever be my son.

Decker I love you so much - you melt me into a pile of mush with your good natured personality and your most charming little face. I love watching you grow and I love how much happiness you bring to our family. Happy First Birthday baby boy, I could just eat you up I love you so!!!

Decker's birthday kind of snuck up on us.  We had decided long before his birthday that we were not going to have a party.  Although we had had parties for the girls for their first birthdays, we decided that we really just wanted to enjoy the time as a family this time instead.  The day before Decker's birthday we started construction on our house and our home was a loud, noisy, dusty, mess.  We had to stay out of the house and Decker had to skip naps.  It wasn't ideal and it made for a tired mom.  Decker's first birthday cake ended up being a Twinkie (which he loved) and the Birthday Fairy wasn't able to decorate as much as she would have liked to, but the kids didn't even seem to notice.  Sawyer had school the day of Decker's birthday but Harps ditched out on dance so that we could take the birthday boy down to the park in Laguna Beach.  Marc got home from work early and we drove out to the Spectrum for a little carousel ride and an Italian ice.  Decker was so unsure about the carousel, I don't think he loved it.  The girls also scored a ride on the ferris wheel with the their dad.

I still cannot get over how fast the last year flew by...I hope the future years slow down but I just don't think that is going to happen.

I am insanely happy with my little family and I am so so so grateful that I am on this forever journey with Marc.  It is a good little life we have, and Sawyer, Harper and Decker make it infinitely sweeter.

The day before Decker's birthday I caved and gave him one of his presents early.  We were trapped in my bedroom while the construction workers did their thing and I was feeling a little bored so I busted out the ride on construction truck and Decker thought it was the coolest ever.

Later that afternoon the kids were playing outside and I ran inside to grab something...I came back out to find Harper sitting in a back that was stacked on top of two kiddie stools.  She is a special one :)  (and I was slightly freaking out that she was going to fall over and get totally hurt)

The hit on Decker's birthday morning were the balloons...while he was entertained by them, the girls were entertained by ripping all of his birthday presents opened for him.  Poor Marc always seems to miss out on the opening of the birthday gifts!

Sawyer rarely makes it into photos anymore I feel like because she says it is "boring" that I am always taking pictures of her.  Harps had fun playing with Decker's new vintage-y toy camera.  Pretty sure Decker has maybe only played with that camera for a cumulative 3 minutes over the last month and a wasn't really a winner.  I thought it was cute though!

The littles and I headed to the park in Laguna...we lucked out and had a really pretty sunny day, which I suppose isn't surprising at all in September because September and October are basically the hottest months of the year here.

I think Decks was a little bored by the we didn't stick around for too long.

We were able to hang out in our house for just a little while during the day when the construction workers took their lunch break.  My sister came by with her kids for a quick birthday visit.

Since his birthday we have trimmed his hair...I am still mourning the loss of those cute little baby curls/waves...

I think the thing Decker most enjoyed about the carousel was getting off of it...

My little dream boat...

Decksy Doo sat this one out...

Surely Decker Thomas was the cutest birthday boy in town.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about him.

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