Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Eve

Unless Christmas Eve falls on a weekend, Marc has to work that day.  It kind of stinks, but we are used to it now and just kind of deal.  I spent Christmas Eve morning with the kids making cookies, shopping at Fashion Island (we made a last minute decision to get Marc a new tie…we got it at Vineyard Vines and they happened to have a coloring table in there.  Harper had mentioned having to pee but forgot about it once she saw the kids table.  Not too much later I noticed my daughter standing in a puddle of urine.  I didn't tell any of the store people, we just left.  I still feel guilty.  Real guilty.  Sorry Vineyard Vines!!  I did purchase a tie though, hopefully that makes it a little better.) We also did a quick Trader Joe's run to get some things for Christmas dinner and we went and picked up our honey baked ham.  

Before meeting the Willhites at church we let the girls open a present from Mom and Dad.  They each got a new jewelry box and a gold heart monogrammed necklace.  Sawyer also got a pair of gold heart earrings, not because we like her more, just because I had gotten them for her forever ago and was waiting for a special time to give them to her…putting them in her jewelry box seemed fitting.  Decker's gift from us was lots of extra kisses, pretty sure he didn't really need a jewelry box ;)

We had beautiful weather on Christmas Eve and we were able to sit outside during the church services.  Honestly, the kids did very little sitting, and a lot of running around (sorry to everyone else that was trying to listen) but we did in fact make an effort to be there and I am sure we all soaked up at least some of the message.

After church we played in the snow that Saddleback Church had brought in and then headed to my sister's for some Giordanno's pizza that they flew in from Chicago and a little gift exchange.

The girls were so excited to give their cousins their presents and I am fairly certain they were equally as excited to receive gifts ;)  It was a really fun night and of course our bellies were happy with the heart attack, ahem pizza, we had for dinner. 

We headed home somewhat early so that we could make sure to leave out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Sawyer decided to leave a note for Santa and it was cracking me up…she wanted to make sure that she received gifts in her stocking.  I love her guts.  She is a funny one.

Once our munchkins were all tucked in and sound asleep (we didn't have a close call when Sawyer came downstairs unexpectedly) we got to work setting out presents and doing some wrapping and decorating.  Marc was supposed to be my helper but he more or less turned into just someone keeping me company…while he snored on the couch.

With Christmas Vacation on and candles burning I got everything set up just the way I wanted.  Looking back at the photos I laughed out loud at how I had tied the bows and the kids' gifts…clearly I was tired and bow tying wasn't a priority.  Regardless, being a parent on Christmas Eve is really exciting and actually, pretty magical…although exhausting as well.

I was so excited to go to bed.

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