Wednesday, February 19, 2014

December 26th & 27th

After Christmas passed it was nice to have some quality down time to recuperate from the holiday and to gear up for a Dimick end of the year reunion.  

The day after Christmas I enjoyed a quiet morning at home with the kids and then we spent the afternoon at the beach with Marc once he got home from work. 

Sawyer said she didn't want to play with Harper, but I left the room for 5 seconds and when I came back they were both having fun playing with Harper's Barbie RV.  Of course Harps was wearing a robe…without anything underneath…and without closing it up…she likes to keep things interesting ;)

I didn't take my big camera with me to the beach and I was totally regretting it when we got there and the lighting was bomb.  Sometimes the iPhone just doesn't capture light the way I wish it would/could.

On the 27th we met up with Katina and her girls for an early afternoon on Balboa Island.  We walked around, played on the "beach"  (not sure those little docking areas even qualify as beach) and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  The kids were good which made for an easy outing for me (always a plus).  After we got to the beach I realized I had forgotten to put the memory card in my camera, but Katina caught some cute moments on film for me.  

Decker always beats up on his little cousin Grady, but he is aways so sweet with Kate (who is just about the same age as Grady)…it must be some natural instinct to beat up on the boys and to be nice to the girls?

And I swear we didn't tell them to pose like this…

Driving home we rolled the windows down…the kids always get such a kick out of it (especially Decker).

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