Thursday, February 20, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

It has kind of turned into a New Year's tradition to spend the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 with the Dimick family.  For several years now we have gone out to dinner on New Year's Eve with just the adults (the older cousins babysit the younger ones) and then we all spend New Year's Day at Disneyland together.  It is a fun time and usually our favorite Disney day of the year since there are a lot of people to help out with our kids and so many options of who to go on rides with ;)  

Since the 30th was our anniversary and Marc and I went out to dinner alone, the girls' spent the night at their grandparents' and we got a sitter for Decks at home once he went to bed.  New Years Eve started out hopping when the girls got to go to Big Air   and jump around on the trampolines.  I enjoyed some alone time in the morning with Decker - I never really get much one-on-one time with him in the mornings, so it was fun just snuggling and playing with him (Marc was at work).

I still can't quite get over how cute he is.

Harper let Aunt Jacki do her hair.  Sometimes she will barely even let me brush it.

The kids did some playing in the pool and some hanging out.  

Sometimes you just need a little push...

We went to dinner at the Capital Grille (per tradition) and the food didn't disappoint. 

We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's afterwards to retrieve our children, play a little BINGO, and get our kiddos home to bed so that we could wake up bright and early to get there when Disneyland opened.

This trip to Disney was a big one for us.  First timers as season pass holders, Sawyer & Harper's first time on Space Mountain, Harper's first time on Splash Mountain, and Sawyer's first time on Indiana Jones.  Lots of exciting firsts :)

Dumbo is always our first ride of the day.  

And the carousel is always a good one when you don't feel like waiting in line…

Although lines really aren't so bad when you are waiting in them with some of your favorite people.

We played musical strollers all day long...

Harper could not have been more proud of how "big" she was to be able to go on the fast rides.  

Sawyer went on Space Mountain with her cousin Aubrie - she was feeling pretty good about it all.

Us Dimicks all looked a little nervous on Splash Mountain…except for Marc.

Love this cute niece.

And I am not sure whether or not it was Decker's first time on the teacups, but it was the first time he had barfed on the teacups, so that was pretty exciting too.

Harper went on the roller coaster in Toon Town with Marc and she loved it, she went on it multiple times and had the cutest little look on her face.

We said goodbye to all of our family at Disneyland since they were leaving the next morning to head back to Utah and New Mexico and we weren't going to see them.

I still cannot believe it is already 2014. 

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