Thursday, March 13, 2014

January 8th-12th 2014

Time is no joke - it moves so dang quickly! I remember when Sawyer was a newborn and I thought nursing was so hard and I had someone tell me that it got easier with time…although I wasn't in a rush for my baby to grow, I was in a hurry for my boobs to feel somewhat normal again…and it seemed to take forever.  Now I cannot imagine wishing away any time, there just aren't enough hours in a day or days in a year.  And this time with my family is so precious I don't want to miss anything and I want to savor it all.  

That being said, it is hard to even believe we are already two months into 2014.  What the?!  I swore up and down I was going to get this blog up to date but it feels almost impossible to do so.  I am trucking along, doing my best, hoping that some day my kids will look back and be grateful for all of the gazillions upon gazillions of photos I took of them.  I also hope they know how much I love them ;)

Anyways, January was spent feeding our souls sunshine and spending time together as a family.  I always feel most complete when all of my people are together.  

Not a whole lot went on from January 8th-12th but we spent time playing at home, building train sets, Decker perfecting his walking, Harper working on her mothering skills and feeding her baby brother yogurt, discovering the deliciousness of Starbuck's birthday cake pops, finding shell treasures on a particularly cold beach dat at Three Arch, eating Chipotle on a bench over looking T-Street, a date night with some of our best friend's to see Saving Mr. Banks (so good!) and now that I just listed those things, it looks like January 8th-12th was kind of busy after all.

Our girls are polar opposites yet so much the same too.  I feel so lucky that they are mine.

And even though there are times when I absolutely wish I was doing the shopping alone, I think it is pretty cool I have three built-in friends to help me out.

When you are just learning to walk you stroll the hallways with your sisters' doll stroller and push around a whoopie cushion.

For Christmas Decker got a train set and I was itching to set it up.  Sawyer & Harper stayed up late with me one night (by late I mean like 7:00ish ;)) and we got it all put together…pretty sure by 8:00 the next morning Decker had managed to destroy it.

I have a love hate relationship with my kids being in school.  I of course love the learning and socializing aspect of it but I dislike the running around and picking up and dropping off.  I miss the girls when they are away but I am also thrilled to have a little down time with just Decker, and then some free time to think and just have some quiet while Decks naps.  On this particular morning Decker discovered one of his sister's iPads and was hiding out with it in his teepee.

Boyfriend loves wearing a hat.

I basically think my kids are the cutest and Harps feeding Decker his yogurt did not disappoint.

After lunch Harps needed to change her clothes (well, put cozies on…she changes in and out of cozies all day long) and Decker wanted to burn a few calories by working on his walking.

Waiting in line to pick Sawyer up from school can get a little monotonous, so we spiced things up by letting Decker try gum for the first time.  See that teenie tiny speck of red stuck to his bottom teeth?  That was gum, and he was in heaven.  

Sometimes three is a crowd and it takes some time to figure out how to share one plasma car and one brother.  In the end, it always works out.

More frequently than not we end up at kinder drop-off a little too early.  The girls like to pass the time by trying on sunglasses and having me open up the sunroof so they can stand up and poke their heads through the ceiling.  Sometimes I feel like my life is a blur…hence the out of focus picture (now I am getting deep.)

We frequently find ourselves at Starbuck's getting birthday cake pops after Decker's first experience in which he devoured his sweet treat and presented me with this perfect little smile.

This kid constantly makes me melt.

Whenever we can we try to squish some park time into our day. Having a friend join us is an added bonus.

The after school rush to dance for Sawyer was painful.  I don't know why but the timing alway seemed terrible and we were always (meaning both Sawyer and I) were too tired to make the effort to get there.  After peeling ourselves up off of the couch, this was one of the last times I saw Sawyer run into her dance studio before we decided that maybe dance was just not for her this year.

Harps always seems to think they sheet changing time is play time.

Speaking of dancing, my buddy knows how to boogie.

We had an ongoing battle with sickness in both January and February.  Just as it seemed someone was getting better, another one of our family members would go down.  If there is ever a respiratory virus going around, Harps seems to get it, it makes us all so sad for her.

The weird thing with Harps when she gets sick (or at least with this particular illness) is she would seem fine during the day and then kind of plummet at night.  She seemed healthy enough for a Chipotle lunch and a stroll on the beach.  

Date nights happen more frequently these days (just a couple weeks ago we had a sitter on both Friday & Saturday night, bam!) and I totally look forward to them.  We always try to make sure Decker is in bed (and asleep) before the sitter gets there and then the girls can torment the poor girl that has to watch them with movies and games and coloring and their singing ;)  But no really, Sawyer & Harper seem to really enjoy having a babysitter come, so we feel entirely less guilty.  Saving Mr. Banks was such a good movie and this photo was taken at such a terrible angle.  Cheers!

Now that the girls are getting older they are able to help carry some of their weight when we go to the beach now…makes hauling all of our junk down to the sand so much easier.

Sand and drool for days.

Oh that girl and that wedgie...

It is possible that my picture taking is a little annoying at times...

Sawyer and her friend Taylor.  They were crazy, that water was straight up freezing and the sun wasn't even out to justify taking a dip.

Pretty sure I would never trust Marc in a game of tug-of-war.

Sawyer Girl, what happened to your hair?!

Beach days are good days.  

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