Thursday, April 3, 2014

January 13th-17th 2014

So I saw this post on Facebook the other day and it went something like this "Bad news - time flies.  Good news - you are the pilot."  I sure liked that.  Makes me feel better about how quickly the days seem to pass us by.  I don't know what it is but I feel like our days come and go SO fast.  Like I used to feel like days could be long, but really, the bad moments can feel kinda long, but the days zip by.  It is slightly insane.  I AM grateful that I mostly spend the days exactly how I want to.  Well, I mean driving around picking up and dropping kids off isn't the dreamiest of gigs, but seeing my kids faces is…and I can't think of anything I would rather do.

Gah.  I just love my people.

Anyways, I barely remember January except that I am missing the killer hot weather.  It still isn't cold here and we have barely had any rain (and I am scared for summer fires and drought!) but I (we, our family) definitely made the most of the January heat wave.  Beaching, swimming, being outside, those are the things we do best.  

From January 13th-17th we spent time at Victoria Beach, took another trip back to Trestles, hung out at Thousand Steps (and I must point out our kids are major troopers and the girls can walk all the stairs themselves), paddle boarded at Doheney, and splash padded with our friends.  Decks really got the walking thing down, I finally let the girls paint my toenails (they always ask and I always say no, I finally caved) and Decker decided that sitting in a big person chair was way cooler than his high chair…he still maintains this way of thinking.

Life is good.  Mostly :)

Trestles.  Not a bad place.

Have I mentioned that I love his iPhonography skills?

Ya, this was forced.  

Our kids are always looking for snacks.

The girls were begging for photos like this.  Decker wanted to be held so it made it pretty hard to get a good shot.

But this wasn't planned and it's my favorite photo from the night :)

I between family outings to the beach we spend time at home, we go to school, you know, we do the typical day to day stuff.  

I used to love taking Harper & Decker on stroller rides because they were so content and happy and occasionally Harper would pick a flower or two.  Lately Decks has been crying and wanting to get out of the stroller and it makes getting any kind of work out in (unless I am working on being patient) almost impossible.

Harper loves school.  And I actually love dropping her off there.  Not because I want to ditch her, but because she is so happy when she goes.  She has some serious skills on the monkey bars too.

I am pretty sure Decker likes having a little quiet time in the house too, while the girls are at school.  He loves playing with them, but he is really good at playing and entertaining himself too.

Decker also has a really good grip on how to hold a pencil (I think that is a pun, ya?) and likes to color.  Well, coloring lasts for short amounts of time, but he seems to like it while he does it.

Sawyer & Harper like to have me "pick them up" for school.  While I load Decker in his car seat they run down the street and wait for me.  They always look pretty cute standing there waiting for their ride.

This might seem silly, but I take pride in the fact that our girls walk up and down the stairs at the beach by themselves…without any complaints.  Have you been to A Thousand Steps before?  I am usually pooped by the time I get to the top, and I am always amazed that Harper (especially) climbs her way to the  top without any whining.  I don't consider myself to be a "tough" mom, but I like that our kids are troopers (for the most part).

Before long we will be making Decker get with the program and taking the stairs too.  Good thing he got this whole walking thing down.  

Sometimes when I look at pictures of Sawyer I feel like passing out.  How the heck did she start looking so old?!  

Harper has grown up so much lately too.  This wasn't her best beach day though…she was feeling a little under the weather, so she had moments of greatness, and then moments that just weren't so great.

Marc getting another good shot...

Where there are rocks, my kids will climb.

And when she was ready to go home, she wanted to get the heck out of there.

I think Victoria Beach was our winter favorite.  It was usually empty and regardless of crowds, it is always beautiful.  The last time we went though I was so disappointed by how many people (and a lot of strange people) were there.  I was spoiled there for awhile.  

The day after we went to Victoria Beach Marc had to go to work and Sawyer had to go to school, so Harper, Decker and I met up with some of our friends at the Ladera Ranch splash pad.  It was the first time we had been to a splash pad and Decker was able to actually stand on his own, let alone walk, so I think he enjoyed it quite a bit.  

Lucky for Harper there is a little playground at the splash pad too...

Since relaxing isn't really our thing and Marc always likes to play after work, we went from the splash pad to the beach and the girls went paddling out in the ocean with Marc.  Marc caught some "waves" (more like ripples) while the girls were sitting on the front of his board…Sawyer legitimately loved it.  Harper claimed that she too enjoyed it, but the look on her face in the photos proves otherwise (seriously sad/scared face and possible tears). 

Looks like she is really loving it, right?!

Those darn seagulls always know where to find us…I wonder why.

Gatorade.  Score!

Love that Sawyer was trying to stand up.  

Life is a beach…at least with our family.

And since I don't really know where to stick my random iPhone photos…

Self explanatory.  

Hung up that "Dream" pendant in the girls' room.  I always wanted one of those.  It isn't quite the way I was picturing it but the glittery goodness and the dream to dream makes me happy ;)

My sweet kiddo gets woken up from naps on the daily.  I feel so bad when I find him laying down on the floor somewhere.  Life of the third child I suppose.

At the ripe old age of 16 months he decided he was much too old to still be sitting in a high chair.  Lucky me.

Their faces are hilarious.  Which I still remembered what movie they were watching.

Slurpees at Target after school on a hot day.  Yes please.

Real life morning.  

And I am pretty sure I will cry as soon as I stop finding notes all over our home with Sawyer's name on them and the word "love" and lots of hearts.  

And since pictures capture a lot but not everything...

Decks found some random girl on the beach that he fancied and decided to toss some sand at her.  

Baby Frankenstein…

A video of nothingness, just my kids being them…

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