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Hello Sunshine | February 19, 2014

A bonus day with Marc being home is always a treat. Over time we have learned it is best if Marc takes the day after vacation off from work because he needs a day of rest - traveling is just tiring in general. On this particular day I loved having the extra help with Decker during Harper's dance class. Marc walked to Starbuck's and got Decks a rice Krispy treat -  our little boy was in heaven.
I still think it is pretty lucky that these cousins get to do so many fun things together.

After school we sat in the backyard and enjoyed some sunshine before heading down to the beach. This also happened to be the day that Sawyer finally started writing her last name on her own.

Sawyer wrote it, Harper was the one that sat next to it.

Something that is pretty hard to deny is that the beach is our happy place. I can't say it was always that way, I mean, we have always loved it, but there was a time it didn't seem as easy with the kids, but now it is our go-to activity. Marc & I can take turns relaxing, sometimes even relax simultaneously, the kids can climb rocks, jump from rocks, play in the water, run away from the water, dig holes, build sand castles, eat snacks, eat sand, I mean the list goes on and on.

Our favorite beaches tend to be those in Laguna. I don't know what it is, but I swear the water is prettier. The sand is too. When it is low tide Thousand Steps is a fun one because you can walk through the cave/tunnel and do a lot of exploring. If you happen to be as lucky as Sawyer you might even find some pirate treasure (or some old crappy necklace that got left behind by a teenager, but whatever).

Playing in what I presume is a little bit of sewer water.  No big deal.  At least the mossy green looks really pretty.

You know what? Decker is quite the sport.  

Airplane spotting.

I feel like he has really slowed down on his wave and sunset photography lately…makes me kind of sad.  

He could not have been happier.  I wish I could have bottled his mood up and saved it forever.  Smiles and giggles for days.

This pretty baby has grown so much lately.  I can't really get over it.  Both physically and psychologically, her growing up has been apparent.

Definitely a favorite past time.  Jumping to Dad is always on their must-do list at the beach.

Our trip to Idaho was a great time but there was no hiding that our family belongs in the sand and not in the snow. Decker smiled almost the entire afternoon and Harper was flashing those pearly whites a lot too. Sawyer is our chameleon and I think she genuinely likes them both equally.

All in all it was a perfect beach day with our little family and going back and looking at these pictures makes my heart happy because I remember how peaceful and fun this day really was.

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