Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The End of January 2014

Oh my heavens, was January really like almost 5 months ago?!?!  It really doesn't seem that long ago.  I don't know where the time goes but it goes quickly.  I say that every time I log in to update my blog because well, by the time I get down time during the day I would really rather go to sleep than update this thing.  I wish the thoughts that stream through my head right before I vanished off into dreamland would end up on these pages.  You know, my reflection on the day, how much I love my family, how grateful I am…all of that stuff.  But since that doesn't happen, I will somehow catch up on this bad boy at some point.  I mean, I haven't made a printed photo album in like 4years.  But somehow I will catch up.  I hope.  Ya?  If I don't ever catch up, that/s ok too I guess.  My kids have had a good and fun life and they are very very loved, that is all I really want them to remember anyways.  Everything else is just details.  Details are swell too, but the stuff you hold in your heart is even better.

I ended January with one of the best ways I knew how.  My sister and I flew to Indiana to visit with our Grandma (lovingly known as Great Grams around these parts) whom we hadn't seen in like 3 years.  It was a fairly quick trip but I truly enjoyed every second with my sister and appreciating and seeing my Grandma and hearing her stories and spending time with her.  I always struggle being away from my family, but I was happy to know they were in good hands with their Dad and their Grandma & Grandpa also came to town to help out.

Before I left town I got to play over at Marc's parents house with the kiddos in the spa.  

Flying never used to bother me until I married Marc.  He is a nervous flyer and unfortunately after all this time it is rubbing off on me and I always think I am on the verge of death while in the sky.  Turbulence was pretty sucky and I may have shed a silent tear or too.  I put Decker's blanket over my head for awhile (I totally stole one of his baby blankets and brought it with me on this trip, no not weird, not weird at all) and my sister thought it was real embarrassing.  

Don't worry, on the flight home my sister told the people at check-in that I have bad anxiety in regards to flying and I was able to get a special boarding pass on Southwest so that I could pre-board.  A little humiliating since the only other people with those passes were like over 100, but Bryt and I were able to score seats together and towards the front of the plane (I really dislike that Southwest doesn't have assigned seating!)  

Seeing my Grams has been one of my greatest treasures of 2014.

Seeing Grams and having my sister there too…even better.

Fixing her wreath before taking her dog out before bed.  Seriously so cute.

Being in Indiana was cold.  Really really cold.  Us Southern California people really have it good in the weather department.  The wildfires and earthquakes are a real bust, and the droughts aren't so good either, but temperatures dropping much below 65 just really aren't for me.

My parents and grandparents are all pretty much from Munster.  I guess in a way that means I am kind of from there too.

The house my dad grew up in.

The high school my parents went to (High School sweethearts, just like Marc and I.  It runs in our blood.)

Bryt and I picked up some Munster Mustangs sweatshirts at the drug store and sent one back to our little brother in Virginia, too.

While we were in Indiana we also got to see my Grandma's sister (our Aunt Jan and her husband, our Uncle George).  

And did I mention that while I was out of town by kid were doing things like going to Bluebird Park (their favorite!) and beaching it with their super swell dad?  Grandma and Grandpa were here a couple of days and then Marc was on his own.  I love that Marc is always up for doing fun things with the kids and getting them out of the house.

Decks perfecting his walking with Grandpa at the park.

And my other cuties were at the park too.

I love the weekends because Marc is always good at keeping our family happy, busy, and entertained.  Oh what would we do without him?!

Other happenings at the end of January -

Playtime with cousins at the park.  Sadly Decker's extreme need to touch and love and tackle Grady as ended over time, but I sure used to think it was funny when Decks couldn't help but attack his bud.

We were stuck at home for several days while our poor Harper girl got really sick.  She ended up with walking pneumonia and was diagnosed with asthmas and would cough so much she would throw up (kind of frequently) and the whole situation was just sad and miserable.  Since she was about 6 months old she has had frequent colds (often allergy related) and we have constantly been on the search for a cure.  We have cut down her dairy intake and that really has seemed to help.  We find that playing in the grass usually triggers a cough and honestly every time the weather changes she seems to end up stuffy too.  There is a good chance she will grow out of some of these problems, so we just keep our fingers crossed.  In the meantime we just love on our baby girl and when she starts feeling crummy we try to make her as comfortable as we can.  She really doesn't like to miss out on too much, so she champs it up pretty good.  

Sick & pretty.  Who knew those two things went together?!

She seriously looked like a newborn.  I couldn't help but just stare at her.

Being sick meant she got to sleep in bed with Marc and I (her choice).

And bring a barf bucket with her to pick up Sawyer from school (not so fun).

Since we spent a lot of time at home, Decker got good at going into the pantry and pushing buttons on the oven.  

And a few more random tidbits…

Decks got to show off his Escalade to his buddy Canaan.  Too bad I gave the car away, he really liked it.

I got before bedtime cuddles with this girl.

Marc snapped a great San Clemente sunset photo.

Harps was making me want to eat her like a cupcake.

Giggles from this kid.

Being swooned by this guy.

Decker got yet another playdate with Canaan, those happen frequently.

And just like every Monday-Friday I dropped Sawyer off at kindergarten and was blown away by how much she has grown.  

And one more just because video…

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