Thursday, May 22, 2014

Valentine's Parties, Lost Winds, Ballard Visit and Family Time (February 1st-13th 2014)

We spent the first couple of weeks of February visiting different beaches, going on family walks, having my parents come to visit, Harps recovering from being sick, making Valentine's for classmates, a girls' trip to Disneyland, putting up a gallery wall in the playroom, doing a little painting, and playing at the park.  

Saturday morning I woke up to this view.

Since Harps lost a few pounds while she was sick (and when you are a little person, a few pounds seems fairly significant) we were thrilled when she requested a donut and "vanilla bean papacino" from Starbucks.  We were so thrilled, that I even let her nosh on it in our bed.

After a little sugar high the girls got dressed and did a little face timing with Mazie and got ready to go to the park.  Harper was all smiles.  We were thrilled.

Saturday evening was a quiet night at home and Sawyer worked on her "Mako of the Week" project.  I really love anything revolving picture collages, but I let Sawyer do her thing (although I really wanted to be in charge).  She did a great job!

Sunday we took advantage of our baby girl feeling better and we went down to the beach trail for a family walk.  Harps held it together but it started to become apparent that she was still kind of sick (her eyes always give her away).

We stopped by Linda Lane park for a little bit.  We rarely go there, so the kids loved the "newness" of it.  Decker was a little over zealous about the slide, and did a nice face plant into the sand.

Fighting over who was there first.  Typical.

Monday we took it easy and did a little Costco run and house cleaning.  

Most days when Marc gets home from work we try to do something as a family and get outside.  It was a little chilly out but we decided to bundle up and head down to the beach.  No wonder our kids are always sick ;)  Sawyer collected shells and rocks and Harps and Decks hung out in the stroller - it seemed as though they were both starting to feel sick again.

The next day Harper missed school (because guess what?! she wasn't feeling well) but we tried to make the most of it by working on her Valentine's for her class.  I helped her cut out hearts and she painted them with watercolors and decorated them with stickers.

Decker wanted to try watercoloring too, but he wasn't really grasping the concept.

After Sawyer got home that day I needed to take her to a dermatology appointment.  She had this bump on her shoulder that had been there for months and I wanted to get it checked out.  I was hoping Marc would get home to watch the younger ones but that didn't work out so I hauled all of them to the doctor's office.  I was a little intimidated dragging all my kids into the waiting room because it was filled with adults, it was really quiet, and there were no toys or children's books in sight.  of course I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and my little hooligans were getting more and more hyper by the minute.  I decided it would be better if I waited in the hallway with my kids so that we wouldn't disturb the peace.  Once we got into the hallway Sawyer and Harper decided that playing chase was a good idea.  I was pretty against it because 1.) we were in the hallway of a doctor's office 2.) when Harper would exert herself she would start coughing a lot…coughing a lot potentially meant she would throw up.  Long story short, no one listens to mom, Harps goes into a coughing rage and then starts throwing up all over the place.  I snatched Decker's blanket from him and was trying to catch as much as I could.  Harps is now hysterically crying, Decker is mad I took his blanket, and Sawyer is dry heaving at the sight of her sister's puke.  Seriously, it was a nightmare.  We got out of there as fast as we could and Sawyer never made it to her appointment (I got her checked out months later and it turns out she is fine, woot woot)

The after math.

We will just say that wasn't one of our better afternoons.

No surprise, the next day we made our way back to the pediatrician, got a new prescription, and I took my frazzled self and my kids to Target to the pharmacy.  You know I was feeling a little stressed when I forgot shoes for Decker and then didn't have the energy to fight with him to stay in the cart.  I let him walk around barefoot in a public establishment.  Go me.

Sawyer earned big sister of the day though when she brought a new book home for both Decker and Harper.  They were both thrilled.  And picturing Sawyer shopping for books for her siblings puts a smile on my face.

I got pretty depressed during this whole sickness ordeal.  I drowned my sorrows in Chick-fil-A.  I felt like I couldn't really take the kids anywhere since I didn't want anyone else to get sick, so we would cruise through the drive-thru every single day for an entire week.  It is no wonder that their chicken biscuits give me a stomach ache now! We were missing our good buddies Kelsey and Canaan so one day they met us in the parking lot and we each stayed in our own cars and chatted with our windows down.  It was pretty exciting when Canaan got up near the window.  Human contact!

Our next big adventure for the day was the hand dryer at Target. Not really sure why we were back at Target again, but I remember my two littles were pretty stoked.

We were so excited this afternoon when Harps showed some signs of spunk!

Somewhere in there my good friend Tiffany sent me some sympathy flowers from a previous mishap (my miscarriage) and they arrived at a great time because I was feeling pretty down about my sick kids (Decker wasn't nearly as sick as Harps but he was definitely under the weather.  Somehow Sawyer missed all of this).  It is amazing what a little happy surprise can do for your soul.

Ahhhh, February 7th, we were finalllllly on the mend.  

While Sawyer was at school I adventured up to Ikea to pick up some gallery frames for the playroom.  Harper and Decker were so great and they were able to wander freely.  I don't know why I didn't stick them in a cart or stroller, but thankfully it worked out.

Post-Ikea was hang out at home and play time. Everyone opted to play restaurant.

If I ruled the world…

He might not rule the world, but sometimes I feel like her rules me ;)

With everyone feeling better we decided to head back to the beach, but this time bring bikes for Sawyer and Harper.

On Sunday we had a yogurt eating, picture frame hanging kind of morning.

Sawyer tried to help Marc get them all straight ;)

In the afternoon we headed down to the pier to grab lunch with my parents and the Willhites.  It is always a good day when family comes to visit.

After lunch we hung out on the beach for a little bit.  My dad found this small triangular shaped rock and told her it was a fish tooth.  She believed him.  She has been safely keeping it ever since and is planning on taking it to show and tell next week at school.  Ha!

My sister's and her hubs headed home to nap their baby, but Mazie hung with us.

I don't really know what happened here but Marc was tossing Decker up in the air and this toss took a turn for the worse and it was just a good thing it all worked out ok!

On Monday Sawyer stayed home from school and we had a girls' day at Disneyland with Tutu.  My sister's nanny was nice enough to watch Decker for me and made it a fun day for he and Grady as well.

While Decker was with the nanny he got to go to the park as well as to a little gym class where he was showing the other kids his basketball skills.  I think he had a good day.

On Tuesday Tutu played a little game of Go Fish with the girls and we got ready to have a little Valentine's Day party at my sister's house.  My mom and I decorated some jars just for fun and stuck some flowers in them from the yard.

It is always a little crappy when it is time to say goodbye to my parents, but the kids and I go out of our way to see them before they leave for the airport, even if it is a quick trip to their hotel before school in the morning.

In February Sawyer decided to quit dance all together and start Singer's Company instead and Harper switched dance studios to be with Mazie.  I also pulled Harper out of gymnastics.  She enjoyed  gymnastics so I felt a little guilty about it, but the timing of it was pretty terrible with Decker's nap schedule and it really wasn't convenient to get to.

After dance class I let Decker get crafty and paint a canvas.  Somehow I didn't take any photos of the final product, but I still have the canvas, so that should suffice.

This kiddo got paint all over himself.  After a bath we went out front to play.

Last minute I decided that I really didn't like Sawyer's store bought Valentine's so we stayed up late and made these together.

February 13th was a highly anticipated day for my girls - Valentine's Exchange in their classrooms!  Seriously, I think they may have been more excited about this than they were about Christmas morning.

While the girls were at school Decker and I got in some mall time.  Not surprisingly, Decker got to hang with his best buddy. I laugh because I never ever would have let my girls play in the little play area at the mall, but I take Decker there as a treat now.  Life as the third child I guess :)

After school was the best.  Seeing the girls' excitement about all of their love notes and little surprises was so fun.

The kids were pretty hyped up at this point and it was going to be awhile before Marc got home, so we changed into swimsuits and headed down to Salt Creek.  It was super low tide which is our favorite.

Decker couldn't get enough of the water.  He was obsessed.  I think Sawyer was burned out from all of the excitement earlier in the day because she was kind of grumpy, and Harper got herself soaking wet (I told her not to, for the record) and then she was cold and mad and wanted to go home. 

Oh these are the days :)

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