Wednesday, June 18, 2014

March 17th - 29th, 2014

March is kind of a blur of a month.  It is actually probably one of my least favorite months just because there isn't anything all that notable that happens then for our family and the weather can be a little funky, but we still had fun and adventured around and we have pictures to prove it :)

March 17th started with a little St. Patty's Day love.  


We got back Sawyer's spring pictures from school…

The kiddos got in some snuggle time…

And I tried to take a walk with Decker.  Decker ate his snacks in the stroller and then whined to get out and walk.  When I sent Marc an email complaining that it is hard to exercise with Decks, he told me next time I need to run faster and pack the entire refrigerator.  Ha! 

Buddy got in a good nap though.  I always love that. I guess his long walk paid off.

We were hit with a bit of a heat wave so we enjoyed the pool, backyard sprinklering, cooling off inside with some AC (I scored some cuddle time) and splash parking with friends.

The pool wasn't warm enough so they hung out in the shower.

This picture was obviously an accident but I love that little chubby hand :)

Every now and then Sawyer seems so old to me.  I love that she is still thrilled by running through the sprinkler.

The splash pad water was cold…Decks wasn't too sure about it.

My kids are always happy to have a snack.  Snack time with a friend is even better.

Pretty sure nothing beats a little morning sunshine…

Napping, handy man work, hanging with your cousin and riding your plasma car…a day in the life of Decker.

Waiting in the kinder pick up line with Harper is always a thrill…

The kids all had dental check-ups.  They did great (the girls even get excited to go) and Decker was a champ - he barely made a peep, only a little crying for a quick second.  And no cavities. Yahoo!

Harps wanted to wear her new sneakers to her appointment…

A quick trip to Victoria Beach is always a good idea.  

Sawyer had fun at her Mako Challenge at school.  Much like a jog-a-thon, but only better with obstacle courses ;)

Sawyer was supposed to be in this picture…Our photographer Harper missed the mark a bit.

Harper wanted to get in on the action...

Sawyer's Kinder class.

The big race really wore everyone out…

Both girls got new sneakers before the Mako Challenge day…every time Harper put them on she would show off her muscles.

Some randomness caught on my iPhone…

One night Decks had a hard time sleeping…we were tempted to let him stay in our room.

Decker tried to give his friend Cam a snack but nailed him in the eye  instead.

After a couple of failed attempts on Sawyer's new yellow surf board, Marc decided that the sales people had led him astray and it really wasn't the right board for her after all.  One kind of gloomy Saturday morning we were bored playing at home and then Marc decided we should all go to Girl in the Curl and let Sawyer pick out a new surf board - it wasn't much of a surprise that she decided on the bright pink one.  We took the family and the new board over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and we had fun playing in the pool.

One night we met up with my sister and her family for an early dinner at Coyote Grill and a walk down on the beach.  The girls are old enough to sit at their own table now, it is kind of crazy.

The Ballard cousin crew...

Making sand angels of course...

My cute nephew Grady was the only one interested in cooperating and having his photo taken...

Bryt and Decks.

As always, it was a school week/work week once again and we were back to our usual business of playing at home, Target running (and letting them eat whatever crap they want so that I can get my shopping done)  and heading off to school.  

Every weekday I am thankful that Marc's schedule is different than a lot of dads and that we are able to squeeze in a lot of quality family time between Monday and Friday.  Every day is not perfect, but we do seem to be able to have a lot of fun.  Collecting family memories is my favorite thing in life.

The pink board was the main source of our entertainment there for awhile and the kids would take it to the pool and work on their paddling and balancing.  Marc had fun racing Sawyer - he would swim and she would paddle on her board.  

Mini boyfriend in a wetsuit is one of the cutest things.

Decker wants to do anything and everything that the girls do.

Looks like torture.  I swear he isn't even phased by it.

His hair turns invisible when it is wet.

Harper's genuinely happy face is the best.


When we don't keep our kids active and busy they do things like jump on the couch and cartwheels in the house.  They really aren't all that wild (if I am being honest) but they certainly have a lot of energy and we like to keep them moving as much as we can.  

Sometimes we run out of ideas of things to do…so we take our kids to the park and see how long they can hang from the top of soccer goals.  Totally normal stuff.

The best is when they decide to dive through a hole in the soccer net.  Only Harper.

And since we were at Top of the World park in Laguna Beach, we decided to walk around a little and enjoy the view.

There was an evening when we got to meet up with the Willhites again and hang out down at Crystal Cove.  I don't remember the details but I feel like it was a last minute thing.  It is so nice to be able to hang out with family just on a whim.

And here is the rest of the randomness that was the end of March…as seen from my iPhone.  The dates got a little jumbled and pictures got a little out of order.

Lunch at Beach Hut Deli.  This was a Daddy & kid date since I had to work.

Dinner at Panera and then a Dana Point Harbor adventure walk.

Harper being cute.

Sawyer doing a little reading.  She isn't quite to the point of reading chapter books but she still has fun laying there and trying to sound out and pick out words that she knows.  

Harper snuggles.

Breakfast date with Canaan (I swear on my life we hang out with other friends, those other play dates just don't seem to get documented as much).  Canaan loves my car so his mom always lets him sit in there for a few before we go our separate ways.

Sawyer writing notes.

Escalade cruising…

A little hummus snack.

I did some rearranging on my treasure shelves in the family room.

Harper seems so old when she plays with her hair in the car.

There was a slumber party in my room.

A rainy pajama day at Harper's school (she loved wearing cozies to school!)…

Sawyer didn't let a little rain stop her from dressing cute…

Some scribbly artwork for Great Grams…

Harper not helping me clean up the playroom when I asked her too…

Couch cuddling with my oldie…

Stroller pushing…

And of course more Target shopping.

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