Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pink Wetsuits, a Patriotic Performance, and a Yellow Surfboard | March 2nd - 8th, 2014

Like any good dad, Marc thought it was important that the girls be able to swim in the pool even in the colder months so he bought them both pink wetsuits.  They love them.  Not having our own pool definitely has it's disadvantages…like our neighborhood pools not being heated to our liking! If it weren't so awkward, I would get a wet suit for myself to swim in the Talega pools…cold water is just not my thing.  And by cold, I mean anything cooler than 85 is basically just freezing (my parents totally spoiled me when I was growing up and they kept our pool like bath water).  

Harper girl is my buddy when the other two aren't around.  I mean, she is always my buddy, but she gets extra cuddly.  I don't get a lot of alone time with any one of my kids, but I always cherish it when I do.

And something that happens rather infrequently is having Decker fall asleep in the car.  Pretty sure every time this happens I document it, because it is not a common occurrence.

We spent Saturday over at my sister's.  Wetsuits are not needed there, but my girls chose to wear them anyways.  

The Willhite's have a little playhouse/sandbox area.  My kids think it is great.  

This car toy of Grady's is also a hit.  Unfortunately this two little dudes had to fight and figure out how to share it.  


I think they worked it out.

And no wonder my girls always want to go play at Mazie's house…other people's toys are always so much more fun! (and the fact that they are all squished in her closet is my favorite)

On Monday's Sawyer had Singer's Company and there happened to be a park right near where she had practice, so occasionally I would take my two littles to the park.  And occasionally Canaan (no surprise there) would come meet up with us too.

Decker found this miniature skateboard and so badly wanted to ride on it.  Not sure if you can tell in the picture on the right, but he was trying to stand on it.  So funny.

I don't know who this little girl is but Harper met her and they were playing together at the park.  Harps asked me to take a picture of the two of them before we left.  Random.

And she wanted to get in some scooter time after Singer's Co...

Marc was dying to give the wet suits a real test, so he took the girls to the pool.  Pretty sure their alone time with their dad is some of their most favorite time.

Tuesday morning I took Decker to the park for a little while since the older two were at school, and then in the afternoon I had a little photo shoot with my kids for a friend's clothing line. 


That evening Marc took the girls back to the pool…

Wednesday morning Harper was feeling a little rockstarish so she put on a show for me while I was getting ready for the day.  Of course Decker wanted to participate too :) Then it was time to head to school and dance but first the girls took a quick spin on their scooters.  They always try to squeeze in a little extra scooter, skateboard, or bike time before we leave the house.

Then it was snack time, last time, cleanup time and family beach time.  

Marc took the day off of work on Thursday so that he would be able to come with me to see Sawyer in her patriotic performance at school.  It was the cutest show and so well done.  Sawyer was the Statue of Liberty along with a few other girls.  It was really adorable, I loved it.

Decker did a little coloring before we headed to the school for the show…

I had so much excitement bubbling up inside of me as Sawyer and her classmates entered the multi purpose room - you would have thought she was a celebrity or something.

For Sawyer's performance I thought we should bring her some flowers.  Marc had bigger (and better) ideas and thought we should get her her own surfboard.  So that is exactly what he did.  Marc took the girls out to lunch at Panera bread (I went home and napped Decks) and then took Sawyer to get a new board.  Once Decker was awake we headed for Doheny.

My mini-boyfriend is a killer hand holder.  He is so cute.

Pretty sure Decker was terribly jealous of Sawyer's new ride...

Marc and the kids made a pretty cool structure with sticks they were finding on the beach but before I could capture the almost finished product Decker knocked it down.

I still can't believe all three of those munchkins are mine :)

On Friday I had planned on picking up Katina's girls are watching them for her - I was happy to help out and Harper was excited to get in another play date.  I am actually pretty terrible at organizing/committing to play dates that involve having kids at my house and my kids going to other people's houses.  I don't know what it is but it just isn't totally my thing.  Obviously the girls love it, so I am working on it.  Anyways, we started the morning with bubbles in the backyard and we spent our afternoon with Lauren and Kate.

Harper got tired at one point and changed into her cozies.  She was nice enough to tell Lauren that she was "too tired to be nice to her"…she was still niceish, but I could tell she was ready for quiet time.  

We really did love having some of our favorite friends over though, we don't get to see them enough!

Saturday morning Marc once again was a rockstar and took the girls, and this time they headed up to a movie screening in Los Angeles.  Originally we had planned on all going as a family, but later came to our senses and realized Decker wasn't quite old enough to be enjoyable in a movie theater, so I stayed back with the little guy.  The girls got their faces painted and were served breakfast and back at home while Decker napped, I organized our baby clothes.  I take a lot of clothes to Children's Orchard or pass them along to my niece and nephew, but we still have a lot in storage.  I find baby clothes to be kind of sentimental, I can get rid of them, but I have to talk myself into it.

When Decks was awake we went on a walk, cuddled in bed, and got ready for the beach.  We started getting bored waiting for Marc, Sawyer and Harper to get home (they got stuck in traffic) so Decks decided to lay back down on the floor in his bedroom, pretty sure he was close to falling asleep.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach.  Sawyer did a little surfing but ended up having the best time boogie boarding.  Harper says that when she is a bigger number (meaning, when she gets older) she will start boogie boarding too.

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