Tuesday, July 8, 2014

April 1st-14th, 2014

Some great things happened during the first two weeks of April.  Most exciting was that we found out that we were expecting again.  I am pretty sure I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms from the moment I got knocked up so this was really no shocker whatsoever, but we loved the confirmation (even if it was the lightest positive ever!) I felt sick, dizzy, hormonal, tired - you name it, I felt it.  Also happy, thrilled and nervous.  The other awesome thing about early April was spring break! Honestly, I was stoked to have my kiddos all home together and with me! We filled our free time with beach going, friend seeing, swimming, and genuine happiness.  Decker got in his uninterrupted naps, and I had a lot more freedom with our schedule since we weren't worried about school and homework.  Bliss.

We also did a little family hiking, celebrated Mazie's 4th birthday with her at her mermaid pool party (so thankful we get to celebrate with her year after year), Sawyer finally got the chance to catch some real waves (you know, like in the ocean, not in the pool) with her pink surf board, Decks got a balance bike, we visited the Easter bunny, I took the girls to see their first musical (Mamma Mia!), Marc took Decker to his first Angels game, I got to spend a Friday evening in urgent care with Harps (just a bad cold), I finally made my way to the giant orange balloon and got to take a ride (kids included), and we did our best to make the most of every minute.  

I don't know what it is with our family but we definitely try to squeeze in as much fun and activity as we possibly can in one day.  Sometimes I feel like we might just be crazy and we need to do less, but we always have time to relax as a family in the evening (which we love), and days that aren't filled with adventure always feel a little wasted.  Our adventures aren't always big or extraordinary, but we definitely like to make the most of our time.  I keep reading this quote "collect memories, not things" and I hope we instill that into our children.  Sure I have a propensity to buy crap we don't need, but we certainly try to put an emphasis on the memory making and spending quality time together as a family.  I hope when our kids grow up they can look back and appreciate all of the fun times we have had together (cheese fest, please excuse me).

Sawyer had been begging for a playdate with her friend Hannah so I finally got my act together and arranged for them to meet up at the park.

Harps got the spelling bug and was working hard to figure out writing her own name.  

Lunching with these babes is almost always a good idea.

A friend from school needed a ride home and Sawyer thought it was pretty wacky and fun.

Waiting at dance for Harper and Mazie can get pretty boring, so these two made the most of their time with an HGTV Magazine.

Lets be real, he straight up owns me.

I am clearly always in complete control.

Jumpin' Jammin'.  It was an awesome time, but someone was ready for a nap.  Sawyer was a crab too…hence not being in the picture.

Now that summer is here it actually seems harder for these two to meet up with their opposite nap schedules - maybe in the fall they can get back on their weekly (practically daily) routine of park dates.

A lady friend joined in on the fun with the boys.

Different park, different day.  Boyfriend gets what he wants.  

Friday evening in urgent care.  She started to do her freaky coughing thing and Marc and I panicked.  Luckily they sent us away with just a diagnosis of a bad cold…and even luckier…the next day she seemed a lot better.

Oh you know, just a casual walk at El Morro Canyon turned into a full fledged sweaty, hot, workout, hike.

Decker was getting over it.  I loved it though.  

I was so excited to capture Sawyer on her first wave that I totally botched it.  I was trying to video, as well as photograph, as well as watch from the side of my camera.  She is so much cooler than me.

Everyone was tired so we didn't stay at the beach very long.

While Decker napped at home with Marc, I took the girls shopping.  We were looking for Elsa and Anna dolls but ended up with new dresses from crewcuts and bows & arrows from the Disney store.

They were having such a fun time figuring out how their bows worked.

Since El Morro was such a great time we decided to go on another family walk.  It was fun for a little, then the girls started whining and it wasn't as fun as we had anticipated, so we cut it short and turned around and went home.  We didn't cut it too short though…got in at least a couple of miles.

Spring break finally arrived and our first stop was Riviera.

Oh Decker Thomas, always making the ladies swoon.  Nice of you to let those random girls take your picture.

My girls were in beach heaven.  There were so many fun kids to play with.

Pro poopie castle maker.

A nap in his cozies and no interruptions.  So wonderful.

I mean…where does she come up with this stuff?!

My flowers were finally blooming!!!  Harper quickly brought that to a halt when she decided to rip off all of the petals.

If my kid is going to ruin my plants, I might as well make the most of it and take a picture before heading off to see the Easter bunny.

I had zero intentions of being in this picture, but Decks also had zero intentions of being in this picture, so we had to compromise.

When your mom throws away your outside coloring table, you improvise with a boogie board.

Waiting for Dad.  He is so popular around here.

Neighborhood friends.  They all love to play together.

Grumpy guts after an evening swim.

Back to Rivis.  Yes please.

Sibling are my favorite.  They can bug the heck out of one another, but at the end of the day they really are best friends. 

Another Jumpin' Jammin' play date and another tired boy.

These three love the mac & cheese from Panera and I love any lunch outting where everyone is happy and everyone actually eats their food!

The Great Park!

The orange balloon was grounded for awhile due to wind, so we rode the carousel at least 6 times while we waited.

Decker realized Grady was wearing a hat and that he wasn't...

I have wanted to go on this balloon ever since the park opened (like 6 years ago?).  I was so excited to finally have my chance and I was totally terrified too.

Oh my boy, so manly, and yet, so not sometime.

Because they are the luckiest, Marc took them for another evening swim (he is the best…in case I have never mentioned that)

He is so bi-polar when I get him out of bed.  Always greets me with a smile/happy face and then turns into a crab like 2 seconds later until I get him out of his bed and we are headed for the stairs.

The girls were dying for Mazie to open her presents from them.

Just to torture my sister, we got Mazie a makeup/eyeshadow kit.  The girls couldn't wait to doll each other up.

Decker loves his cousins' playhouse.

Grady, always so cooperative when I go to take his picture.  

Love how Sawyer was protecting Decker while he ate some cake.

After my niece's birthday I got to go celebrate one of my best friend's with a couples dinner.  Katina had just turned 30.  No matter how old I get, 30 is still old, and anything after that is even older.  I thought maybe once I got older that would seem young, but it doesn't.

Pre Mamma Mia.

Lunch at CPK before the big show.

Such a fun girls' afternoon.  Love that sis of mine and doing things together.

The girls had some steam to burn after sitting through the show.

Finding gems like these on my phone make me happy.

The boys had fun at the Angels game!  

And so gross to show a picture of my pregnancy test but YAY!  I was barely pregnant when I took this, but I couldn't resist any longer, I was dying for some confirmation.

In the pick up line waiting for Sawyer at school.

Cutest kids around.  I don't get how we got so lucky.

His legs aren't quite long enough for his bike, so he hasn't loved it as much as I was hoping he would.  I am sure with time it will become more of a go-to toy for him.

The hose is almost always a good idea.  Until someone gets cold or mad and starts crying.

Decks is a smarty and stayed dry…sipping on someone else's drink and enjoying some shade.

Snuggles for days over in these parts.  And that giant q-tip head just gets me every time.

Going to bed feeling grateful.  Pretty standard.

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