Wednesday, September 3, 2014

May 4th - May 27th, 2014

Most of May was relatively uneventful, the first few weeks in particular were pretty mellow if you don't take into consideration the plethora of birthday parties we attended and Marc being stung by a sting ray.

May 4th we spent the day playing outside with neighbor friends, beaching it at State Beach and messing around on the skateboards.   I remember watching Marc dig a giant hole in the sand for our kids to play in and seeing all these little blonde critters running around and thinking "this is exactly how I pictured my life going".  We consider ourselves very blessed.

Our week was pretty slow paced.  Waking up my boy from his nap (I mean seriously, when I go through my phone I cannot believe how many photos I have of waking him up…it is weird that I kept having my camera ready for that), Harps gave me my Mother's Day gift (she made me a pretty ring!) but she opened my present for me and then decided she wanted to keep the ring for herself, we spent more time on the skateboards, my sister sent me a picture of a note she found in Mazie's room that Sawyer had written (it was good for a laugh) and Harps worked on magna-tile creations and Decker supervised our car washers.  

We did the standard sleepover in Mom & Dad's room (when will they realize that this isn't an actual sleepover and it is much cooler to spend the night with your friends?  I hope never) and hung out at the mall with friends.

Decker went through an intense man-crush on one of the neighbor boys (thankfully that has subsided) and my cute kiddos snuggled up after the bath.

There were more playdates, magazine reading, a school carnival and Sawyer teaching Decker how to ride the scooter.  It is funny looking back at just a few months ago because now Decks is a pro-scooter rider and would be so frustrated if anyone tried to help him out on it.

Another weekend rolled around and lucky for me, it was Mother's Day! Marc and the kids made me breakfast and Sawyer presented me with a painting she did (with me being the subject) and a little questionnaire she filled out.  I will be so sad when the handmade gifts stop showing up at holidays, because they are my favorites.  

We met my sister and her family at Victoria Beach and had a really great day.  All of the kids were happy and the weather was good, not sure there is much more you can hope for.  Honestly, it was probably one of my best Mother's Days yet.

The Monday after Mother's Day was actually a pretty good Monday because I got to go in for my 8 week ultrasound to see our little Baby #4.  I was nervous and hopeful and also really excited.  Baby looked perfect and that was a relief. 

 I spent the day with my buddy and somewhere in there Marc went to the pool with the kids and then took Harps on a date night down by Salt Creek to ride bikes (and skateboards) out into the sunset.  

Tuesday Decks and I met up with Kelsey and Canaan in the morning and then after school Sawyer had a play date with her friend Ella.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before, but I am not very good at organizing, agreeing to, or planning play dates, so these are always pretty special.  I mean, I am good at the play dates where I hang out with the other mom and it is a group event, but like one-on-one kid play dates are hard for me for some reason.

Per standard, the best part of the day was when Marc got home from work and we headed back to Victoria Beach for a little bit more family time.  If my memory serves me correctly, it was when we were pulling away from Victoria Beach that my car hit the 100,000 mile mark.  Clearly, everyone should know when and where their car hits the 100,000 mile mark…our car has transported us to and from a lot of memories.

Wednesday morning Harper had dance, and after class one of the little girls brought in cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. 

After dance Harps and I did our typical Wednesday snuggling on the couch and when Decker got up from his nap the two littles colored in the backyard.

That same day Harps got to enjoy some more cupcakes while at a birthday party for a friend from school.  The party was adorable and my favorite part was the craft table set up to design your own mermaid.

Marc took Sawyer and Decker to the pool while I was at the party with Harper.  Sawyer wasn't feeling great (dang stuffy nose) so she wasn't really in the mood to be in the water.  When I got to the pool after the party Sawyer wanted me to sit in the shade with her and braid her hair.  Harps got her goggles on and jumped right in, and Decks was happy floating around on his boogie board.

In the evening a good hug is always appreciated.

With Southern California burning down (luckily we weren't in any immediate danger but seeing smoke billow over Talega was scary) it only made sense to go stay cool and get some fresh air at the beach.  We met up with our neighbors and Sawyer boogie boarded - Harper swore she didn't want to boogie board until she was much older, but the temptation and curiosity started to get to her and she would occasionally try to jump onto Sawyer's board with her when she rode up to the shore.  

Before long it was the weekend once again.  Marc typically plays basketball on Saturday mornings so the kids and I entertain ourselves while we wait for him to get home so that we can get our family day started.  Some Saturday mornings go smoother than others…on the particular day I busted out some Prisma Colors and everyone was happy to do a little coloring.

We spent the weekend at the beach.  Decker got a new truck to play with in the sand and he was genuinely stoked when Marc surprised him with it.  At some point Marc took the girls to the candy shopped and they got to load up on all kinds of crap.  Decks likes to smile for the camera so naturally I couldn't resist snapping a photo of his little grin.

And as quickly as weekends seem to come around, Mondays come around just that much quicker.  I bought myself some peonies to cheer myself up.  Sawyer loved the flowers and wanted to take some pictures with them.  Sawyer can be a little moody about photos these days so it is pretty exciting when she actually asks me to get out my camera and photograph her cute face.  

On Tuesday I found myself back at the pediatrician's office.  This time Harper said she had an ear ache so I wanted to get it checked out.  Luckily they didn't find anything wrong with her except for a lot of ear wax.  Harps has a funny reflex between her ear and coughing…whenever the doctor would stick her little cleaning tool in Harper's ear, Harper would start to cough (and gag and be incredibly dramatic).  We were happy to leave with a clean bill of health.

When Sawyer got home from school and while Decker took his nap, we made cupcakes.  The girls love to decorate the cupcakes even though it just creates a giant mess of sprinkles for me to have to clean up.  They had fun and Decker was happy to be greeted with a frosting treat when he woke up.

We don't get to see our friends Haddie and Will (and Jessie) as often as we would like since our schedules often times don't match up.  We love it when we do get to see them though and playing at Cox Park isn't half bad either.

Since we went to the park later in the day when my kids would surely be hungry, I packed them all snack bags of their own.  None of them were too impressed.  

On Thursday both girls had school.  Harper got her pony pictures back at preschool (which  happens to be one of the most exciting days of the year for me, I love the pony pictures) and I spent some quality time with my dude…although my manly man was happiest playing with his sisters' pink Barbie car.

We squeezed in a day at Jumpin' Jammin' with our friends Claire and Graham and got to attend a birthday party at a gymnastics studio for one of our favorites, Kate.  Marc and Decker got time to hang out together while us girls partied it up.

On Sunday we met friends at their pool at Lifetime Fitness and the kids had a ball.

When we got home, Harper ran out to skateboard…in her swimsuit…Uggs and helmet.  I love that she has no shame in her game.

Labor Day happened and we were so thrilled to spend a day with the Waggoners.  We managed to arrange the day so that Sawyer could get in a little surf time with her friend Kaity but the fun was cut short when Marc was stung by a sting ray on the bottom of his foot.  Marc came out of the water looking like he was going to cry and he ended up having to spend some time at the lifeguard station soaking his foot in hot water.  In the short amount of time that was spent in the ocean, Sawyer did catch one decent wave, and we were all so proud.  

Our original plans with the Waggoners got a little botched so we modified our day and had them come over for a BBQ instead.  It turned out totally great and it was nice to get in some quality time with good friends. 

As our day was coming to an end, Decker found a gift on our front porch.  Decks had been coveting the Cozy Coupe for awhile and he was beyond happy to be the proud new owner.  He quickly found out that it was hard to have to share the coupe.

We closed out our Labor Day with a bedtime lesson on sting rays and what they look like.  It was pretty cute seeing Marc and the girls all cuddled up checking out sting ray images on the iPhone.

Tuesday Harper had another birthday party and I brought my two favorite party crashers along with me to pick her up. 

I may have said May was uneventful, but going back through the photos made me exhausted.  Our family sure knows how to stay busy even during the least busy times. And we also seem to eat a heck of a lot of cupcakes! 

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