Thursday, September 18, 2014

Miss Dimick & Harper Turns 4

Kindergarten was a great year for Sawyer.  Sawyer loved her teacher and had so much fun learning.  When they had Career Day Sawyer wanted to dress up like a kindergarten teacher…she says that is what she wants to be when she grows up.  Her costume consisted of the essentials, a sweater for the cold air conditioned classrooms, a clipboard with some sight words, reading glasses, a pencil in her hair and name tags for her and her students.  I laughed when I found a "Dude Dimick" name tag that she had written up for Decker.  

Harper had her four-year well check-up that morning before school, so lucky me got to bring the whole troop.  I think Harps liked the audience…she is funny like that.

Harps weighed in at 38 pounds (75th percentile) and 40.5 inches (69th percentile).

Hanging at the doctor's office is an exhausting experience with all the kiddos, so it was nice to get in some snuggle time with Decks later in the day.

Harper and Decker on Harper's Birthday Eve.

In a blink my baby girl was turning FOUR.  It came quick.  It is always so funny when birthdays roll around because even though nothing really changes on that day, it feels like everything changes.  A new age, a new era, closing the door on an old chapter and turning the page to a new one.  I find birthdays to be bittersweet, but of course, all the kids love their birthdays, especially when the wake up in the morning to surprises from the Birthday Fairy.

Harps presents included an Elsa and Anna doll (she asked over and over for these dolls…she loved them for one day and that was about it…so lets not talk about how I paid over market just to get them for her ;)), an Elsa dress, mermaid tail to swim with in the pool and a mood ring.  Marc isn't home for present opening unless our kids' birthdays land on a weekend, so lucky guy gets videos and pictures all morning long.

This year both girls convinced me they needed to have birthday parties so a week before I planned a trampoline party for Harps with some of her favorite friends at Big Air Trampoline Park.  She loved it and it was totally worth it.  We picked up balloons on our way there and Marc was able to come straight from work to celebrate with us.

I always feel the need to document the "before" of any event.  My kids (and husband) think it is annoying for the most part, but it makes me happy…even if Decker was totally chapped about not being able to hold on to Harper's new dolls.

Having a birthday party at the trampoline park was so easy and I really didn't have to do anything at all (bonus!).  I did make cupcakes but that is about it.  The kids had fun and were entertained and I could sit back and watch.  Perfect.  In past years we have had most of our parties at home, so they have taken a lot more planning on my part.

Every year we get with this girl is a good year.

The balloons partied on even after the party was over - they somehow ended up attached to the Cozy Coupe and Harps and Decks loved it.

Even with a big birthday and party the week still went on the way it normally would, with dance classes and school and all that other jazz.

Sitting at dance class with Decker can be kinda painful, but treats and a cousin make it a little bit more enjoyable.

When the girls are at school Decker doesn't mind checking out some of their things…like Sawyer's prized stones.  Decker knew he was doing something he shouldn't, and he was stoked.

Snuggles with my biggie after school in the shade?  Yes please!

Hanging with Dad is always a good time.

And hanging with Dad usually leads to more treats…and who can resist that…or this kid's face?!

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