Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ballard Photos and Bubba's Birthday Weekend

Per my mom's request, I took photos of she and my dad and their grandkids the last time they were out for a visit.  Since Bryce couldn't make the trip we thought it would be kind of weird to do a full family photo without him for their Christmas card, so we did Bubba, Tutu & the little people instead.  I love love family photos of any kind, so I was happy that we had decided to do this.

I won't go as far as saying my kids are the best ever when it comes to having their picture taken, but they get it, and they are generally pretty good. I don't do photo shoots with my people hardly ever, so I get pretty jazzed when I get to photograph them in coordinating attire.

Pictures went great, the kids were mostly happy, and we had only one slight mishap when Grady decided to scale the side of the mountain.  That boy can climb uphill fast! Luckily Marc was there to rescue him.  None of us could believe how quickly that little dude was movin' it.  

Of course by the end of this little photo shoot the boys were covered in dirt and snot and were actually just about as happy as can be.

Having my dad in town for his birthday was a treat.  Living across the country from one another it is hard to get together for everyone's birthdays, so when it does actually happy it is pretty special.  We were able to squeeze in a beach afternoon at Riviera, breakfast at Coyote Grill in Laguna Beach and we cruised Newport harbor in a Duffy boat and noshed on cupcakes at sunset.  No Ballard visit is complete without at pool party at the Willhite's either, so we fit that on our agenda as well. 

After breakfast at Coyote Grill we walked down to Tablerock.

At Riviera…

Waiting for our boat rental...

I will say, even though my kids know how to swim AND they were wearing life vests, AND we were just in the harbor, I still had this irrational fear that someone was going to go overboard (and drown? be eaten by a shark?) and it gave me a bit of anxiety during our whole Duffy experience.  

Swimming at my sister's is always a good time.  There is generally really good food to be eaten (thanks Gabe) the water temperature is up to my standards, the kids all have lots of fun, the adults have lots of fun, and Ollie can take a nap in their house.  

Decker loves Grady's toys almost as much as he loves Grady.  The ironic thing is, they have so many of the same toys.

Perhaps one of the funniest things I have seen all year.  These three were trying to cut down a tree branch (they were successful!) but it was only after a couple of failed attempts that they got it down.  I laughed so hard I cried and maybe even peed a little.

Marc's least favorite thing about going to the Willhite's is that Harper always comes home with makeup on (and since she applies it herself it is usually slightly scary makeup).  This time we switched it up and let the little girls do our makeup.  See, not scary at all...

And a month later Decker keeps asking to go back on the Duffy boat so I think that means he had a really good time.

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