Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Week of February

Way back when, on February 5th, I wrote a blog entry with the intention of publishing it within a day or two.  Well that day or two turned into an entire month and now it seems a little silly and outdated.  Everything has changed yet nothing has changed.  Since February 5th I have weathered the stomach flu and a cold.  Harps has had a cold, we have gone on vacation, Marc started a new job (which means a new schedule for us - booyah!).  The days are long yet not long enough, and the time zips by.  I hate to say I am "so busy" because I know everyone is busy in their own right, but I am so consumed by my children that I struggle to get things done like blog posts and well, laundry is a struggle too ;)

Here is the post I had intended on posting.  )And for the record, I still feel like it is somewhat of a honeymoon phase...I think it will be a game changer once Decker is on the move.):

I sort of feel like I am living in a honeymoon phase. The girls are fairly easy ages (toddler melt downs now and then but generally well behaved) and Decker is still small enough that he can't move and wiggle around too much but not quite so tiny and fragile. I  know that this phase will not last forever, but I am trying to make the most of it while I can. Oddly, I find that I am less scared to go shopping with 3 kids than I was with 2. We can tackle just about any store and conquer any errand. There are times when it sounds exhausting to drag all of the kids in and out of the car (transitioning from one place to another is definitely the worst part) but we are capable, and we can do it, and I am thankful for our three perfect babies. It's so hard for me to comprehend that one day our home won't be filled with little people - it almost makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. There are times when everyone is whining and the noise is almost unbearable but we are so glad we have the opportunity to raise, parent and love our littles. What is life if it's not filled to the brim with people that you love and that love you back?!

Things are good living in the honeymoon phase. When we do lunch outings and park trips I can relax a bit - the girls are old enough to behave correctly and Decker is young enough that he is not an issue,  it's pretty wonderful.

I love that we have our kids on a fairly regulated evening schedule with dinner around 5:30, everyone in bed by 6:30, and then I read the girls a book before tucking them in. I didn't expect to like it so much but I think having Sawyer & Harper share a room is awesome - it almost makes me sad that once we kick Decker out of our room (which I am not in a rush to do) he will be in a bedroom all by himself, seems so lonely. If I could choose I would probably want another boy next, but I know that if we did end up having another girl that would be perfectly perfect too.

People always ask how many kids we want. I think we can honestly say we really don't know. When I was pregnant with Decker I really started to think that he might be our last one - I hated being huge in the summer and my body constantly felt like it was breaking - as soon as they put Decler in my arms I knew that all of the aching and crying was totally worth it and that more babies would someday be coming our way. Have I ever talked about the magical moment when I held Decker for the first time? I can't explain it, but it was magic and I will cherish that memory and feeling forever. Somehow having our little guy completed me in some way - it's like the piece to the puzzle that I didn't even realize was missing was found.

I am so thankful for my family and especially thankful for my husband.  Pretty sure sharing it all with Marc makes it a bazillion times better and just that much more fun.

I go to sleep at night feeling blessed - not much more you can ask for.

On this particular day I got to call 911 because Harper locked her and her brother in the car and both sets of keys were in there with them.  Me an Decker were crying and Harper was smiling telling me she couldn't unlock it.  Luckily she figured it out before the fire department showed up to save us.

I wasn't feeling well this day so these girls had to fend for themselves.  Sawyer made the girls their lunch which was an appetizing plate of crumbled up Hawaiian bread and some cheese.  

I love it when they are loving each other...so much better than when they are deliberately driving one another crazy.

Quite possibly my favorite iPhone picture...ever.

Decker's room is pretty much all done...just need a shelf that is on backorder and a rug.  He occasionally naps in his room, but he still is a primary resident in the master bedroom.

The girls got a new night light and the switch happens to be between the nightstand and Harper's bed...Harper loves to turn the light on...and off...on...off...on...off....

I love it when we curl her hair.  It takes all of 5 seconds and it looks so cute.  

Harper has spent some time working on her breastfeeding skills.

I can't believe it has taken me so long.  The girls' room is almost all done.  Just today I put some pictures in the frames and we are waiting on some things for their walls.

I am so scared...I think these two are going to cause a lot of trouble together.

Ummmm, obsessed.  

I never realized how much I needed this guy in my life until he showed up.

Warm sunny days are our favorites.  Hands down.  I don't understand people that like the gloom.

Sawyer & Cinderella.  

I love peeking in and seeing all the kids together.  

We had a park play date with cousin Mazie.  I feel like Mazie and Sawyer used to play together more, but now it is Harps and Mazie.  It is fun watching them grow together.  

And again, this guy.

Sawyer is possibly the sweetest big sister.  The other day Decker was kind of upset and I told Sawyer to talk to him to make him happy.  Sawyer told Decker that his eyes were as beautiful as a prince and that we are going to keep him forever and ever.  I think she nailed it.  

The way he chews on his fingers I thought for sure he would have gotten a tooth by now...get it tiger.

The girls did some artwork for Marc.  Sawyer's painting are usually tidy and concise and Harper smears paint all over the place (including her body).  I think their masterpieces say a lot about their personalities :)

The evening before Marc's interview we decorated and the girls put together some bouquets (by bouquets I mean they drowned some hibiscus flowers in water and displayed them in in dessert dishes) and they each picked out a pair of Stance socks for Marc for good luck.  

We went out to dinner with some friends to the Pizza Port and Harper scored some sweet temporary tattoos.  She did not want the tattoo removed from her hand so we got to look at the cherry filth for a week...

I just thought this was funny...

Sawyer spent several days wearing a crown.  I couldn't really get a picture of it though...

Marc has been talking about wanting a Penny Board forever.  He finally caved and got the new Nickel board.  

Decker somehow grew big enough to hang out in an ExerSaucer.  Not sure how he is old enough already for such a toy but he loves it.

Hand in the mouth.  Again.

This guy loves his feet.  Loves

And I love him.

We did a little Valentine's Day crafting.

And I got a new phone...major quality difference in the photos.  

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