Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Steps & Piggy Tails

In all of the recent commotion and "excitement" around here I never got around to posting about Harper and her big development...her ability to WALK!  Finally, Harper is officially a walker! :)  On Wednesday, September 21st, the same day that Sawyer broke her elbow, Harper began to walk.  She was taking a few steps at a time during the week leading up to this day, but she now has the ability to get to where she wants to go via her feet.

Harper also started rocking a new hairdo and she looks adorable with her hair in piggy tails.  Piggy tails fit her personality perfectly and they sort of help keep her longish stick straight hair out of her face and eyes.  Harper, that one, she is something else.  She makes me smile.  (Speaking of smiles, her top two teeth broke through the gums and are making an appearance!)

Harper's life long dream has been to push around the baby doll strollers and now that she can, that is all she wants to do.  I am so happy for her now that she conquered and completed her biggest goal.

Harper's feet are finally growing (she wears a size 3 people, officially out of the 2s!) and we have to make an extra effort to remember to put shoes on her when we go out now that she likes toddling around.  In the last two days I have managed to forget Harper's shoes for one of the outings, and Sawyer's shoes for the other.  I am losing it.

Harper's favorite things in life, her bink, pushing a stroller, Charlotte, and food...lots of food.

I love this little walker of mine!

(Harper was showing off her new skill when we visited my sister at her office one day last week)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surgery for the Bean

Tomorrow our baby girl is having surgery on her arm. We thought we lucked out and that Sawyer's broken elbow did not need "resetting" but after getting new x-rays taken today, it looks as though Sawyer needs some pins put in to hold her bones in place. When the doctor told me this it took everything in my power not to cry. Sawyer is clueless and does not realize what's she's up for tomorrow, and I think that's a good thing. She got a cast put on today, and obviously, she will be getting a new one tomorrow.

My poor, tough little baby. I love her. I hate trampolines.

After getting her soft cast off...I couldn't help but to kiss that little arm of hers.

This situation is so stinky. I hate it. Having my kid "put under" is freaking me out...I wish I could heal her arm with my kisses...isn't that how it's supposed to work anyways? Mommy (and Daddy) kisses are supposed to heal everything. Right?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Can't Sleep

I have been in bed for almost two hours and I can't fall asleep (although I am really tired). My brain is essentially turned off (is it just me or does that happen to everyone after a long day?) so I can't respond to emails and there isn't anything new and interesting on Instagram so I thought I'd try out this Blogger app I have.

My little ones. They exhaust me. The drive me crazy. Yet, I can never get enough of them. I take like 200 pictures a day because I hate to think that there might be a day when I will forget what their chubby little arms looked like, or how their messy hair secretly makes me happy, or how Sawyer is a total lover and just wants attention and love 24/7 or how Harper likes to do her own thing most of the time but how she gets so excited when you stop what you're doing to snuggle with her. I know I am going to forget so many things, but I know I won't ever forget how much I have loved and will continue to love them. I can't imagine being apart from them...not even for a little vacation...I think this growing up business is going to be really tough on me.

Front Yard Nudists

The girls stripped their clothes off to help hose down Harper's stroller earlier this week.  The stroller is as good as new (it is amazing what a little soap and water can do) and the girls had fun helping out.  Well, Sawyer had fun.  After Sawyer "accidentally" sprayed Harper in the face with the hose, Harper wasn't too happy.

They did start the day off in clothes.  Sawyer sneakily put on mascara.  Is it just me or did she do a really good job?  We are going to have to keep an eye on this one.

This one's clothes were barely staying on but the effort to be clothed was there.

I am feeling a little depressed that the season of playing in the hose and being front yard nudists is going to be coming to an end, I can already feel fall in the air even if we are still running our air conditioning.  Dear Summer, I loved you while you lasted.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Irvine Railroad

Earlier this week we made a trip to the Irvine Regional Park to take the girls on the little train ride.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the pumpkin patch was already set up and there were a lot of fun things for the kids to do.

Sawyer met up with her little pal Kate and they road the train together; they are cute friends.

Grandma was with us on this little adventure too :)

Harper makes a cute train conductor.  

We are going to have to go back because Sawyer wants to go on a pony ride...the ponies were not giving rides the day we were there.

Hands down the best picture from the day. 

The maze was fun.  I actually didn't walk through it, but everyone sounded like they were having a good time.

The three little girls picked out pumpkins.  Does that mean summer is over?  

We ended the outing with an Icee and then Sawyer had a colossal melt down in the car as we were leaving.  It was a fun afternoon minus the car ride home (or, the first 10 minutes of the car ride home).  

I am excited to take Marc back with us, I am sure he will just love it ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today Sawyer fractured her elbow.  When I picked her up from preschool she was looking sad and sitting on her teacher's lap.  I soon found out that she had been pushed off of the trampoline and her arm hurt.  This happened at 10:30.  I picked her up at 11:30 from school.  From 11:30-2:30 Sawyer didn't move from our couch and she certainly didn't move her arm.  She said her arm hurt but it looked fine to me. Sawyer had a doctor's appointment at 3:15 after Marc got home from work (I wanted Marc to be here to watch Harper)...the doctor looked at it for maybe 2 minutes and said "She definitely has a fracture" and sent us to the emergency room at Mission.  They wanted us to go to Mission because they thought she was going to need surgery to reset it.

Sawyer was really patient waiting in the emergency room and she was so brave when the doctor's and nurses looked at her arm.  When the doctor was lifting her arm to examine it Sawyer did not even cry, we didn't see tears until the x-rays when Sawyer had to bend her arm and lift it at the same time, that wasn't her favorite.

We found out Sawyer had fractured her elbow but was fortunate to not need any surgery.  I was sad that Sawyer had to be dealing with this, but I thought about other people that had also gone through that emergency room and their ailments were much worse.  Over the nurse's walkie-talkie we heard that there was a patient in full cardiac arrest, I was grateful we were there for an arm.

Sawyer got a temporary cast and she goes back next week to the orthopedist to get her hard cast on.  She seems like a happy camper tonight and she so sweetly said to me "Mom, thank you for fixing my arm"...she is the cutest.   She then asked me if I was happy now that she is all better.  I am happy that she is happy, I guess that is all that really matters.

Laying on the couch all afternoon, all she wanted was to be snuggled.

When she fell asleep on me I started to think something really must be wrong.

Sawyer really didn't want to go to the doctor, so I bribed her with some candy. 

We did a lot of waiting around today, but it wasn't as bad as I was suspecting.  Sawyer enjoyed the books in the waiting room and was thrilled that the people at Mission gave her coloring stuff once she got into a room (although she had to color left handed which created somewhat of a challenge for her).

She was a little concerned with the hospital bed but eventually warmed up.

Sawyer is already adjusting to doing things one handed and she doesn't seem frustrated.  I know I would be so annoyed with an injury like that, but she isn't too bothered by it (yet).

How much do you want to bet that she chooses a pink cast next week? :)

Sea Life Aquarium & Legoland

Last week we visited the Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland.  I had heard mixed reviews on the aquarium but we wanted to check it out anyways. 

The aquarium was perfect.  It was smaller than some, but more interactive than others, and the girls seemed to get a kick out of it.  The restaurant in the aquarium was really great was healthier than most amusement park type restaurants and the music playing made it really peaceful.  I think the restaurant and the sweet potato fries were my favorite part of the day.  The company wasn't bad either :)

The last time we had gone to Legoland Harper was an itty bitty thing.  This time she wanted to go on the rides and do the same things as Sawyer, it was so disappointing because Legoland doesn't allow kids Harper's age on hardly any rides at all.  Seriously, the rides are so dinky and they are so strict with their rules...Disneyland is way more accommodating in that department (and more fun, if we are being honest).  But Harper did enjoy the rides she was able to go on, and Sawyer loved everything.

Sawyer could be a little scary when she turns 16...this girl needs some serious driving instructions.

We did have a good day and Sawyer most definitely enjoyed herself.  I think Legoland will be the perfect place when the girls are like 3 and 5ish.  

Thanks Grandma for another fun adventure...we made so many great memories last week! :)
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