Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chantilly Ice Cream, a Beach Ball and the Hose

While Grandma was here visiting us we would play at her house, go to the park, go out to eat, and just do fun little things to make the days special.  It is so neat that our girls have such great relationships with all of their grandparents, they are pretty lucky (and spoiled).  

Marc's skateboard was in his parents' garage so the girls went for a little ride on it.  Sawyer had found some sock booty things from when the Dimicks had their house repainted and she was thinking they were pretty cool (notice her feet).

Sawyer did a little nudey swim out in the spa and Harper stayed out of the water but took water safety precautions.  The girl loves life vests!

Just having a cheese stick snack.

After Sawyer's nudey swim, Harper played a nudey cashier.

We went down to Laguna Beach one day and got a treat at Chantilly Ice Cream.  Sawyer was mostly impressed with the Gatorade, but Harper thoroughly enjoyed her sherbet.  

I dislike going to the park in the middle of the afternoon because it is always so toasty outside, but because Grandma is fun, we made a couple of visits to "her" park.  Sawyer thinks Gallup Park solely belongs to her grandparents, she gets things confused sometimes.

While Harper was going down the slide she changed her mind and decided she wanted to climb back up.  Grandma to the rescue.

The girls like playing in their grandparents' front yard.  They both like using their little pony wall to climb around on.  

Grandma blew up a beach ball.  Of course, since there was only one, they were sort of fighting over it.  Is it terrible that I love that Sawyer trips at the end of the video?  I love you Sawyer...you make me laugh.

We ended one of our afternoons by playing in the hose.  I love having kids, they constantly remind you of the things you also enjoyed when you were little.

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