Saturday, February 22, 2014


It is a little embarrassing to admit that in the 20 years I have lived here, I just now finally got around to going to Trestles.  Since the waves were not good the beach was empty, and that is the way I like it.  The walk to the beach is gorgeous and the lighting when we were there was amazing.

We started the morning with breakfast and coloring.  We had school and gymnastics and then when Marc got home we geared up for our next beach adventure.

The trail to the beach is kind of a trek, it was fine going to the beach but the walk back was a little more tiring for the kids.  We learned this time around that we should bring our double stroller with us when we go to Trestles.

The water was freezing but of course the girls did not mind.  Decker was a little challenging because he wasn't a skilled walker yet and he kept wanting to play/walk in the water and we didn't feel like having him get soaked (since then when we carried him back we would end up wet too). 

All in all it was a fun visit and I seriously love all of our family weekday outings so much - so fun to have family time to look forward to every day.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Woods Cove, California Adventure, Victoria Beach, and Decker's First Steps

Every year we get a heat wave and a couple of great beach days.  This last January we have had a terrible drought, which resulted in some killer beach days.  I feel guilty for enjoying the weather so much, but the sunshine seriously fuels my soul.  I hope we do get some rain (because deep down I know we need it).

After our family left town the kids enjoyed a little down time at home.  I feel like we have very few "down" days, so its pretty rad when we get to just relax at the house.

There are few days where we don't make a quick trip to Target.  Since I usually bring Decker's stroller with us (never the double, and rarely do I get a cart) Harper decided to improvise so that she wouldn't have to walk.  

Sawyer took her earnings from our family BINGO game and purchased a headband making kit and some Pringles.  She gets so stoked to have her own money…she gets even more stoked to spend that money…unfortunately she inherited that trait from her mom.

And a little more down time at home meant making messes and having fun while doing it...

When Marc got home from work on Thursday we decided to go check out Woods Cove beach in Laguna since we had never been there.  The tide was low (low tide is magic!) after we had record high tides, so there were tide pools for days and tons of starfish.

Harper asked me to send these pictures to her cousins that don't live here...

Sawyer was sporting one of her headband creations.

On Friday after Marc got home (we always wait for Marc to do the fun stuff) we went to California Adventure.  The kids had never been there and it was fun to try something new.  We only went on a few rides but it was still a good time.

Heading out of the park…

I had a photo shoot on Saturday morning so Marc (being the super dad that he is) took the kiddos to Bluebird Park.  I always love seeing photos of the kids when I am not there to experience what they are doing first hand.

Pretty sure one of our favorite beaches is Victoria Beach which we have dubbed "Princess Beach" after seeing a girl in a fancy prom dress getting her photos taken there - the girls were convinced she was a real princess and so the name has stuck.

Sawyer and Harper do not take after me and water temperature doesn't seem to bother them.  They are crazy.  Decks started to do this funky bear crawl thing, and while we were at the beach on the 4th of January, he took his first steps to Marc.  Walking is always such an exciting milestone and a it doesn't seem to bother them.  They are crazy.  Decks started to do this funky bear crawl thing, and while we were at the beach on the 4th of January, he took his first steps to Marc.  Walking is always such an exciting milestone and a total game changer.


Oh the faces...

She has grown up way too much these last few months.  Love this Sawyer girl.

Possibly one of my favorite pictures yet.

Luckily Decker's sand throwing has subsided a bit.

All good beach days end with a good sunset.

We had so much fun on Saturday we went back to the same beach on Sunday.

Life is good.

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