Wednesday, February 19, 2014

December 28th-30th 2013

Every year the Dimicks come to town after Christmas to bring in the New Year.  My kids love having all of their cousins in town and it is non-stop, exhausting, fun.  Somehow we always luck out with pretty great weather, so the beach is a must on the to-do list.  

On Day 1 Marc escorted the whole crew of 20 (we were missing 1) to Baja Fish Tacos for lunch and then down to Victoria Beach.  The sun was warm, the water was freezing, and the kids had the greatest day.

Our kids are all scared of dogs, but somehow their cousin dog, Hurley, is a welcomed furry friend.

One of the advantages to being the youngest of the cousins is you always have someone that wants to pick you up…that can also be a disadvantage.

Kimber & Sawyer

Such a dork, I almost always have my camera strapped to me.

Love my bud and his chomper grin.

Marc and our oldest nieces (Matisse & Aubrie) climbed to the top of this ginormous rock.

Harper and Cahill were pretending to run away from sharks.

For the most part these two are really good little playmates.

Harper, Delaney, Kimber, Sawyer. Emilia, Heidi & Courtnee

Our last family photo of 2013

Love all of their faces :)

On Day 2 the troop hiked around in El Morro Canyon and then filled their bellies with food from Bear Flag.  We didn't think that was enough fun for one day so we then headed down to Doheny State Beach to ride the surrey bikes.  Everyone had fun on the bikes minus the crew who accidentally hit another biker (no one was seriously injured, at least as far as we know) but I am pretty sure Decker had the maximum amount of fun possible and he couldn't stop smiling.

Aunt Mauri & Decks

Our kids are champion "hikers".  For the most part they don't complain and march right up the hills like they ain't no thang.

The view of the Pacific from up here is fantastic.

Photo courtesy of Harper Ray...

Kimber, Delany & Harps.  Sawyer was here with us too but she charged up the hill with some of the older girls and I never really saw her (there were other adults with them though).

Surrey rides are so fun.  Decker didn't realize how much fun he was going to have at first...

But it turned out to be one of the best days of his life ;)

I wish I could have captured all of his smiles while we were on the bike, he was loving it.

Oh hey, there is my cute Sawyer.  

I wanted to get a shot of Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids.  Every. Single. Time. there is one kid that misses the photo.  This time we were missing Cahill.
Grandpa, Decker, Matisse, Cambria, Courtnee, Emilia, Jolie, Heidi, Sawyer, Kimber, Aubrie, Grandma, Harper, Delaney

By the end of the day our kids were tuckered out, especially this little trooper.  Baths and bedtime were next on the agenda.

On Day 3 (our 7 year anniversary, woot woot!) the kids played at Grandma & Grandpa's and swam with the cousins all day long.  Unfortunately I had a crappy day spending time at the doctor's office (miscarriage day - seriously the last time I will mention it here on the blog) but I did feel incredibly fortunate to have so many helping and loving hands around to watch after my kids when I wasn't capable of doing so. 

Aunt Jacki & Decks

Marc and I did manage to go out to dinner on our anniversary - I sure love that guy to the moon.

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