Monday, October 31, 2011

My Twineroos.

So I wouldn't say that Marc and Harper look exactly alike, but I certainly think there is a strong resemblance.  I love them.

Don't you wish dads could stay home and play every day?  I do.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sawyer's Dance Skills

Sawyer's dance skills just keep getting better. 

I can't wait until Harper really starts dancing with Sawyer too...they are just too cute/funny.

And remind me...why do I always ask my kids if they are dizzy?  So odd.  I don't know.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Rockers

They love to sit in this chair together.  Sometimes they rock out...

Why do I even speak while video taping?  You think I would have learned my lesson by now.  I sound so embarrassing.

I stinkin' love my family.

Dinner with Bubba

Earlier in the week we had dinner with my dad one night when he was in town for business.  We met up at the Spectrum and the Willhites came too.  My mom requested that we take pictures.  Unfortunately, it was dark as night (it was like 8:30PM...makes sense) and our only light source was a pop-up flash.  I loathe pictures that are taken with that dinky little flash, but there was no way I was going to bring my giant "wedding flash" with me so we made do with what we had and now all of my adorable family members have scary looking red-eyes that even after being fixed still look a little off.  Toots, I am posting these for you...I tried to fix them with black & white...will you stop asking me about them now? ;)

Can you believe that all of the girls sat down where we told them to sit when we said we were going to take their picture?! All of us parents were in shock.

My parents live pretty far away...on the other side of the country.  I love it when I get to see them - I still think they need to move their behinds back to California!

p.s Bryt is it just me or did our kids look homeless by the end of the evening?

Pins Out! {viewer's discretion is advised}

Sawyer is tough.  She might possibly be the best 3 year old patient on the planet.

Yesterday I took Sawyer into the doctor to have the pins that are in her humerus bone removed.  Marc told Sawyer that it might hurt just a little, Sawyer told him that it would not.  Harper gave Sawyer an extra little love just in case.

When we got to the doctor's office Sawyer was SO excited.  She ran up the stairs and couldn't wait for her appointment.

First they cut Sawyer's old cast off.  Her facial expressions were great.  When I asked how she was doing she told me "fine".

Once the cast was off we saw the pins.  We had seen them once before and they were just as gross to me this time as the first time I saw them.  Sawyer didn't seem to be phased.  She even touched them.  There is no way I would want to touch them.  Gross me out the door.  Sawyer didn't want me to bring Mr. Mouse to her appointment but I snuck him in my purse just in case.  I really thought I might need to squeeze Mr. was more for me than for her I think.  

Sawyer got another set of x-rays and then it was time for the pins to be pulled.  The doctor used plier type things and just yanked them.  I cringed and looked away.  Sawyer said "ouch" once but never shed a tear.  The doctor and nurses were amazed...even when her arm was bleeding she barely flinched.  

If this had all happened to Harper every appointment would have been a nightmare.  Harper honestly starts crying at her well check-ups as soon as the doctor looks at her.  Even as a baby Sawyer rarely cried when she even got a shot, she is kind of incredible like that.  She went through a short-lived fear of doctors and nurses and all things medical, but she has been a brave soldier with this whole elbow ordeal.  

Sawyer got a fresh new cast on and of course chose pink (again).  We hopefully get this cast off in a week, but it might be two, it will depend on her next set of x-rays.

I took a quick video of Sawyer while we waited for her cast to dry.  The beginning of the video is cut off, but I had asked her if getting her pins out hurt and she responded "just a little bit".

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Tonight I laughed so hard I peed my pants.

Last night I laughed so hard I cried.

Laughing is good for the soul.

Who doesn't love a good laugh?

This picture doesn't have anything to do with the last two nights, but a bunch of words and no pictures isn't much fun at all.

Life is pretty good.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snail Walk

About a week and a half ago we went on a walk with some of our friends from our streets.  Sawyer and Zeke looked for snails and Harper and Wren just seemed happy with the change of scenery.  It is so funny to me, Harper always wants to give her baby friends hugs...she must just really like hanging out with people her same size.

Wren took a ride in our stroller with Harps.  

We park our strollers up at the top of the hill and let the kids run around, and well, hunt for snails (disgusting).  Harper is making a run for it...

Remember I said that Harper likes to love on her friends? You can see Sawyer in the background on the hunt.

Harper and Wren are about 4 1/2 months apart in age, but they started walking right around the same time ;)

Wren is a tiny little thing, seems so funny that she is walking.


It is so nice having friends for the kids on our street, it makes hanging out really easy!

she is a beauty

When Harper was sick (On Marc's birthday) I had time to go play outside with Sawyer alone.  I love one on one time with my kids, it doesn't happen that often, so  I enjoy it when I have it.  

Sawyer is so beautiful. The less she tries the prettier she is.  She is so sweet and loving and fun to be around.

Our girls are perfection.  We couldn't be more lucky.  

I hate how fast time goes, but it makes me happy to know that we spend our time well and together...that is the only way to spend time.  Happy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Play-Doh & Sprinkles in the Buff

This seems like a long time ago (the blog has been slightly neglected) but Harper got to play with Play-Doh for the first time, and she may or may not have taken a little taste as well.  Play-Doh is kind of a special thing in our house.  I dislike how it sticks to everything so we only play with it outside, and only when I am in a really good mood ;)  The girls had a blast and stayed entertained for quite some time.

I admire their concentration.  Hey Bryt, it looks like Harper sticks her tongue out when she is concentrating just like you do ;) their little legs and feetsies.

These girls are just too much.

This picture reminds me of the pictures I took of these two in the olden days when Harper was sitting in her Bumbo and Sawyer was loving on her and squishing her.  Some things never change I guess.  I truly cannot get enough.

About a week and a half ago me and the girls picked up Sprinkles and took them to Marc at work to share with his team as an early birthday celebration and then we brought some cupcakes home to eat.  Since I knew the frosting was going to get all over the place I had the girls take their dresses off.  I am glad I did, these two  were in heaven...and it was a messy situation.  Sawyer claimed she was eating like a princess...if you ask me there wasn't anything "princess" about it, but I just went along with it.

Love the frosting in the nostrils.

This in particular was a "princess pose".  Mmmk.

I die that her eyes are closed.  She was really enjoying it.

Always lady like.

They gave me the giggles...I should get them cupcakes more often just for the laughs.

I love my kids.

Pumpkin City & Sugar Plum Festival

I love the holiday season, and since becoming a mom I love it even more.  Halloween used to not be my favorite, but I am warming up to it, and I love visiting Pumpkin Patches and fall festivities, they are the best.

Forever and a day ago me and one of my favorites took our kids to Pumpkin City.  Sawyer & Ellie have been forced friends since birth, and it seems like they have really developed a liking for one another.  It is fun when you play best friend matchmaker, and it works out.  Ellie is really cute about Harper too, it makes me sad to think that there will definitely be times when Sawyer and her friends leave Harper out of things...luckily...that hasn't happened yet.  Baby Cash joined us too for these adventures, but somehow he missed out on my pictures ops.  Poor guy.  Take my word for it, he is cute :)

Cute sisters.

None of us are really animal people, but maybe Harper will surprise us and be into them...she was pretty interested in the goats after all.

Well, although Sawyer doesn't like most animals, she does seem to like horses.

Giving Tiffany her sweet little smile.

Ellie enjoyed the ponies too.  The ponies had the most tangled manes ever, I felt a little sorry for them.

Cute friends.

We had so much fun with the Johnsons we decided to hang out with them the next day and hit up the Sugar Plum Festival at the O.C Fairgrounds.  The Sugar Plus Festival was iffy, and we weren't allowed to bring in our strollers (which is sort of a pain when you have 3 1/2 year old, a 3 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and a newborn and you are trying to keep the littles ones from touching everything) but I am glad we went and checked it out and we were in good company, so that is always good.

Sawyer dressed & accessorized herself.  Like how everything matches her cast?

They gave the kids free balloons.  Sawyer let go of hers twice...Ellie held onto hers the whole day.  The girls also had fun trying on breast cancer awareness rhinestone hats, I should have gotten it on video.

Me, my girls, and my bonus blondie.

Love them forever.

I don't want October to end.  We are having too much fun!
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