Friday, October 28, 2011

Pins Out! {viewer's discretion is advised}

Sawyer is tough.  She might possibly be the best 3 year old patient on the planet.

Yesterday I took Sawyer into the doctor to have the pins that are in her humerus bone removed.  Marc told Sawyer that it might hurt just a little, Sawyer told him that it would not.  Harper gave Sawyer an extra little love just in case.

When we got to the doctor's office Sawyer was SO excited.  She ran up the stairs and couldn't wait for her appointment.

First they cut Sawyer's old cast off.  Her facial expressions were great.  When I asked how she was doing she told me "fine".

Once the cast was off we saw the pins.  We had seen them once before and they were just as gross to me this time as the first time I saw them.  Sawyer didn't seem to be phased.  She even touched them.  There is no way I would want to touch them.  Gross me out the door.  Sawyer didn't want me to bring Mr. Mouse to her appointment but I snuck him in my purse just in case.  I really thought I might need to squeeze Mr. was more for me than for her I think.  

Sawyer got another set of x-rays and then it was time for the pins to be pulled.  The doctor used plier type things and just yanked them.  I cringed and looked away.  Sawyer said "ouch" once but never shed a tear.  The doctor and nurses were amazed...even when her arm was bleeding she barely flinched.  

If this had all happened to Harper every appointment would have been a nightmare.  Harper honestly starts crying at her well check-ups as soon as the doctor looks at her.  Even as a baby Sawyer rarely cried when she even got a shot, she is kind of incredible like that.  She went through a short-lived fear of doctors and nurses and all things medical, but she has been a brave soldier with this whole elbow ordeal.  

Sawyer got a fresh new cast on and of course chose pink (again).  We hopefully get this cast off in a week, but it might be two, it will depend on her next set of x-rays.

I took a quick video of Sawyer while we waited for her cast to dry.  The beginning of the video is cut off, but I had asked her if getting her pins out hurt and she responded "just a little bit".

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