Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank Goodness for Toots

Last week my mom was here visiting.  I was so grateful my mom was here in town.  My brain was on overload, I felt stressed, and Marc was working a lot/late.  My mom spent lots of time with me and the girls and she was nice enough to help with Harper (and house chores!) while I was busy with Sawyer getting her arm fixed up.  

The day we picked my mom up from the airport we went straight to my sister's place for a BBQ.  The food was great, the company was even better.  Plus, I know Sawyer & Harper loved being reunited with their cousin Mazie, it had been way too long!

The girls were actually sharing Minnie quite took me by surprise.

Kids love stairs because...?

A new favorite picture.  Mazie stuffing her face, Harper freaking out.  Nothing out of the ordinary for these two.

My momma, sister & niece.  I couldn't love them more.

Lucky to have these people in my family.

I hope these girls stay good friends as they grow up; they are such a cute pair.

While my mom was at our house Sawyer did a painting pumpkin project (left handed!) and we all played outside.  We made a special trip to a nursery too...I wanted to add a new pot to my front porch...I came home empty handed.

Sawyer loved the jungle.

On Tuesday we hit up the San Diego Zoo.  My girls aren't super into animals, but it was fun walking around and my sister took the day off of work so she was there with her family too.  

Always need to get a souvenir coin so that we can lose it later.

Harper is always wanting to give Mazie hugs.  This picture seems so awkward, it cracks me up.

Notice Harper's pinky toe.

On Thursday we had lunch at the Spectrum with my mom, Gabe & Mazie and then Thursday night we went back to Wasa for my mom's last dinner before she headed back to Virginia.  

I forgot Harper's shoes and didn't had a hard time finding a (cheap) pair for her in her size that were somewhat decent.  These weren't my fave, and they were too big, but they worked.

The carousel has become a "must do" at the Spectrum

Mazie enjoyed herself so much she cried when the ride was over and asked for more.

Dinner was a lot of fun and it was a late night out for us Dimick girls.  Marc worked like 16 hours that day so he didn't make it in time to eat with us.  

I love you Mom!  Come back soon! We like having you around :)

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