Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easter in St. George | April 15th-20th, 2014

It seems like just about every year since we have had kids, we have spent Easter with Marc's family at his parents' house.  It is a tricky holiday for us to travel since it always seems like Marc has to work the Monday after Easter, but our kids love being able to egg hunt and do all those fun holiday activities with their cousins.  

A couple of days before we drove off to Utah, we snuck in a fun play date with some of our favorite friends, I got a stronger positive pregnancy test (and I was feeling like those pregnancy hormones were in full force, yuck), Decker participated in a one sided food fight, and we had dance class.

I vividly remember hanging out just Marc & I with Chris & Tiff.  We have since multiplied and it is still hard to believe that together we have 6 kids.  And our kids really do love playing with the Johnsons.

There are few evenings that the beach or pool are not involved in.

Mornings with this guy.  I love him.

Yay! It is for reals!

Dance cousins.  

Dance class meant snack time for Decker.  Well, everything seems to mean snack time for Decker.

Lunch in the backyard is always a good idea...

I was extra thankful we had lunch outside after Decker decided he didn't like his noodles and flung them all over Harper's face.  Luckily Harps was in a good mood and thought it was hilarious.

The only thing you can do once you become a noodle dish is to get hosed off.

Our kids are proving to be pretty good travelers.  The kids were all smiles during our whole road trip.  Decker was awake most of the time and didn't complain once. 


We sent most of the weekend in the pool and Decker got more than his fair share of water sliding, and being tossed in the water.  We ate our meals outside and got lots of fresh air.  Marc and the kids lived in the water.  I actually went in too…it was heated to my liking.  There were night swims and sunset swims and early morning swims.  Pretty sure we are raising a bunch of amphibians.

Sisters on the slide.

We paid a lot for swim lessons.  We didn't pay a lot for diving lessons.  Exhibit A.

Sometimes you just can't get away from Dad fast enough...

Water chaos.

This boy was loving the shallow part of the pool.  The grandparents have had this house/pool since Sawyer was born, and Decker is our first kid to really take advantage of it.

Sawyer & Cambria.

Cambria, Sawyer & Kimber

Harper and Cahill always play so well together.  Cutest little buddies.

And this guy with the goggles.  

Marc sneaking in a high five before tossing his kid in the air...

His highest toss yet...

Didn't quite go as planned.  Marc had to go jump under the water to find Decks…he didn't pop back up as expected.  No worries, everyone was ok.  Eeeks.

Decker will be subjected to a lot being Marc's son.  So far he has taken it like a champ.  Being a wuss isn't really an option.

Grandpa and Decker tried to fly a kite.  Decker was so cute trying to figure it out.

As always, Sawyer wasn't feeling great.  I think she gets too excited and doesn't sleep and works herself into a cold or flu bug before every family gathering.  She hung in there, but I could see it in her eyes, she wasn't quite as spunky as she normally is.

The kids dyed Easter eggs, decorated sugar cookies, painted little ceramic Easter figurines, and had an egg hunt and searched for their Easter baskets.  Grandma and Grandpa always out do themselves.  

The Easter egg hunt is always highly competitive.  There is some good old fashioned cash in those eggs that everyone is after.  The kids did a hunt in the morning and the adults (and the kids participated too) had a nighttime egg hunt in the dark with flashlights.

Getting ready for game time…

Decker didn't really get it.

Checking out their findings.

 Easter baskets were a hit too!

One morning we went and climbed around on the red rocks.

It totally tuckered Decker out.

It was a fun time and as always, we are grateful for the time we get to spend with family.

And a little note from Sawyer in her journal…

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