Friday, October 21, 2011

The Old Man Turns 28

Marc turned 28 on October 20th. Crazy to think we started dating when he was 18. We've been around each other for awhile now. Time flies.

We spent the day at home and cleaning the house...the girls participated and they loved cleaning the floors. They are hilarious.  

Child labor...that is how we roll around here. (Side note - their shoes are new...I hate dirty shoes in the house)

I was excited for Marc's birthday, I was looking forward to celebrating him. Sawyer and I made him a cake and she did a fab job of decorating it.  We first made a trip to Target to get some essential ingredients and candles.  Do you know that we have a brand new awesome Target right by our house?! It is so wonderful.  Sawyer wanted to be responsible for filling out Marc's card, she wanted to write "Marc" on the card and not "Dad"...she writes "Marc" by making lots of random little lines.  I totally remember "writing" like that when I was little.  

Does your Target have these carts?  Where the kids sit in front like this?  We love 'em.

Diligently filling out her dad's birthday card.

Clearly, that says "Marc".

Sawyer was ecstatic to be making a cake.  

She did all of her mixing left handed.

Harper hung out and played.  She was pretty tired but didn't want to admit it.

I caught her trying to snooze on the kitchen floor.  

After the cake cooled Sawyer started her cake decorating.  I tried to explain that you should spread the sprinkles out and not put them in a mound in the center of the cake, but she had her own ideas.

When Marc got home from work I put Harps down for a nap and Marc exercised. We planned on going to dinner and walking around the Spectrum in the evening. Unfortunately when Harper woke up she was sick with a fever and there was no way we could take her out.

I didn't have anything planned for dinner since I wasn't expecting to be home so I threw together some lemon pasta with stuff we had in the fridge and we ate at home.

It wasn't a glamorous birthday, at all. We all ate dinner in our pjs and watched Rio. Sawyer played with her Barbies and Marc surfed the Internet. We were all in bed by 9:00. Sawyer couldn't believe Marc was celebrating his "bur-kay" (birthday) in basketball shorts...of course in Sawyer's mind you are supposed to be dressed frilly & fancy for your special day.

When they blew out the candles the sprinkles from the cake went everywhere...I guess that is what happens when you pile them up on the center of the cake.

Eating cake was the highlight of the evening especially for Sawyer & Marc...they chowed down like it was their 1st birthday all over again...who needs forks anyways?

We love you birthday boy!!

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