Friday, February 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

This was our first Christmas celebrating Christmas Day with just our little family.  I didn't really know what to expect but I really liked how low key the day was and just hanging at home with our family.  The kids didn't wake up particularly early and I felt like it literally took the entire morning just to get through stockings and Santa gifts before we started in on family presents.  I think the favorite gift for all of the kids was Decker's teepee.  I really thought the air hockey table we got the girls was going to be a hit, but Harper looked directly at the air hockey game and said "Oh I guess Santa forgot to bring me my air hockey" - I think she got confused on what air hockey was while making her Christmas list.  

I never manage to get a picture of the kids coming down the stairs Christmas morning (probably because I am usually carrying a baby) but Marc snapped this photo with his iPhone.  Santa had to put all of his presents in the family room instead of in the living room because there just wasn't enough room under the tree - quite the problem to have.

We tried to keep the holiday focus on family and not on presents, but lets be honest, our kids were definitely thinking a lot about their new toys.  I even set out a photo on our dining table just so that it would be a reminder on what was most important

And I am pretty excited about this camera.

We spent the day opening presents, playing with presents, talking to family, making breakfast and a big dinner, and then we had the brilliant idea to go to the beach with the rest of Orange County to catch the sunset :)  I think going to the beach with the family was probably my most favorite part of the day - and I am pretty sure my kids don't even realize how lucky we are to live in a place with such great weather.

This girl is always making faces...

Why do little kids have to grow up?  Hard to imagine that some day our kids might be with other people/family members on Christmas…so I am trying my best to soak it up as much as I can now.  

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