Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pink Dolphin

One day last week the girls and I met up with our friends at the Beach Club in RSM.  Have you been there?  That place is great!  

Harper happily sat in the water and scooted around holding onto her life vest.  Unfortunately the life vest didn't do much for her when she fell face first into the water, but she was a champ and recovered quickly, even if she did swallow and gag on a bunch of water.

Ani told the girls to pretend they were mermaids.  Kate was cute and flipped her feet around as if they were her mermaid tail/fin (what do you call their flipper feet things anyways?) and Sawyer did this little pose.  Hmmm...

There is a snack bar at the Beach Club so of course we had to have a treat.  Harper not only ate an entire ice cream sandwich on her own (ok, so I may have had like 1 or 2 bites) but then she finished off Sawyer's ice cream treat too.  Harper is our little piggy (as if you couldn't tell by her belly).

Sawyer & Kate got their hands on a pink blow-up dolphin and it entertained them for a very long time.  They chased each other with it, and teased each other with it, and just had the best time ever.

Harper did a little more snacking and watched the girls safely from her seat.

The matching swimsuits weren't intentional.  Sawyer and Kate look like perfect opposites, but yet, they are so much the same.  I love seeing Sawyer with other kids her own age...we really don't know that many other 3 year olds (these two are only a month apart).  

At one point Sawyer went into the middle of the pool (where Kate is kind of scared to go) and held the dolphin above her head like a little stinker; Kate sat on the shore and pouted :)

You can go here to see a video of the girls in action.

This day was a lot of fun; I enjoyed my company and the girls were so happy yet so worn out afterwards, it was wonderful.

And this picture is completely random from another beach day, but I only took like 2 pictures and I just so happen to think this one is kind of cute.

Now I am off to bed.  Have I mentioned that I am SO happy it is a long weekend?  I vowed to not go on the computer this weekend, but while Marc was watching recorded football games I was getting pretty bored ;)


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