Monday, September 12, 2011

Sawyer's First Day of School (ever)

I just dropped my baby girl off for her first day of school.  She kept saying she was so excited.  She seemed a little nervous, but much less than I may have been because she thought I was going to school with her, and staying with her.  She got a little sad on the drive to school when told her Harper and I would be going back home but she seemed to get over it pretty quickly, especially since they were doing play-doh when I dropped her off.  Sawyer loves to do play-doh, but I hate how it sticks to everything, so we don't play with it very often.

I didn't cry.  I thought I might be really sad to drop Sawyer off for her first day of school, but I am actually really happy for her, and for me.  She needs this.  Sawyer has hardly ever even been left with a babysitter in her 3 years of life (besides family), I have been really weird about it...I think this whole school thing will be a good thing.

Harper is napping now and I have a quiet house.  I guess I should go clean up from breakfast.

Here is my cute girl this morning.  I wanted to take like 100 pictures, but she limited me to just a few.  When she was done she just walked away and said "Mom, no more pictures"...I listened.  She is the boss, after all.

Yesterday Sawyer was thrilled to pack her own backpack.  This morning I kind of "edited" the things Sawyer had packed because I really didn't think 5 empty plastic bags, a stack of napkins, lidless Tupperware and a bunch of construction paper was really necessary.   And no, she doesn't actually have a phone...just an iTouch which she thinks is an iPhone and no one has bothered to correct her.  Apparently, Sawyer receives important emails that I have known nothing about and she needs to check them while at school.

Love this girl.  
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