Monday, September 5, 2011

It is...September? | Labor Day Weekend

How can it be that it is already September?  Is it just me or does that seem crazy?  The summer flew by, yet it seems like June was so very very long ago.  Life changed a lot for me this summer, I got a whole new perspective on things.  It is weird how new people come into your life and it is like they were always supposed to be there; their stories, their presence, their friendship.  

We kick started Labor Day weekend with a little frolicking on the beach and then a BBQ at Salt Creek during sunset.  It was so gorgeous sitting on the hill watching the sun go down, but it was unbelievable how cold it was, we could actually see our own breath as we talked, that was definitely unexpected.

After playing on the beach Sawyer and Kate got freshened up in the beach was a sight to see.  While the big girls showered, Harper sat in her stroller and tossed beach toys on the ground.

For dinner with had hot dogs and snacks and spent time talking and enjoying the view.  Sawyer and Kate ran around like wild people, got in a couple fights and laughed and giggled along the way.  Harper spent her time looking for food (she is a bottomless pit), and Lauren was happy just hanging out and being cute.  On the way home Sawyer said to Marc and I "I better wear a diaper to sleep, I had a lot of drinks tonight!" - she was dead serious and she is hilarious.

On Saturday we had a lazy morning and then swam with some friends (no pictures from can that be?) and then met up with some of our other favorites for dinner at Rip Tide.  Tiffany is having her baby this week so this was our last outing with the Johnsons before their family grows in size. I am so excited to meet Cash, it feels like Tiffany has been pregnant forever.

Before heading to the Kaleidoscope (where Rip Tide is) Sawyer wanted to be responsible for putting on her own shoes.  She is starting to want our help less and less.  Although I will miss doing everything for her, it is neat watching her gain some independence.  For some reason the lighting on our front porch was really silvery/metallic or something, I couldn't put my finger on it, but I snapped a couple of photos to show you what I mean.  

Sawyer and Ellie were excited to give their chopsticks a try at our sushi dinner (although they ate chicken strips and french fries) and Harper was a little sleepy so she rested her head a few times.

After dinner we got some Yogurtland and we let the girls run around.

Sunday was overcast and gray but we decided to head down to Strands and meet up with my sister and her family and play at the beach.  When it started to rain the Willhites got outta there, but the Waggoners came and joined us and we played for another 4 hours.  Our family loves to be at the beach, it is the easiest things for us to do with our girls, and they are so happy playing in the sand.

Strands has a little people mover (apparently it is called a "funicular") so we rode that down to the beach.  The funicular is super convenient when you have little kids and a bunch of crap with you.

The view from the "funicular"...

Uncle Gabe helped Harper walk around and Mazie discovered she can throw sand on herself.

Sadly, we haven't spent much time with the Willhites and different schedules has gotten in the way.  I think the cousins like seeing each other, I know for sure Sawyer gets excited when she sees Mazie.

Lauren fit right in with the girls and they all played together in the sand.

Soon after the Willhites left the sun decided to show up and the rain threats stopped.

For Labor Day we met up with the Taylors and some of their family and BBQ'd at the Beach Club and swam and took a little paddle (or is it pedal?) boat ride around the lake.  Although the skies were mostly gray, it did get hot, humid and by the time our 30 minute cruise around the lake ended, we were all covered in sweat.  

Harper enjoyed some cake in honor of her friend Ruby's 8-month birthday.  And when I say she enjoyed the cake, I mean, the girl loved it.

During the "safety break" (where everyone has to get out of the water) all the kids had fun playing in the sand.

Look at the excitement when they blew the whistle and said that everyone could get back in the water...

After we dried off we headed over to the lake for our little boating experience.  It was a really fun thing to do and it totally got everyone laughing (and who doesn't love to laugh?).

We had a really nice weekend at home...a three-day weekend was exactly what we all needed.    

A week from today my first born starts preschool.  I cannot believe how quickly this time has come.  Although I am sad that she is growing up, I am also enjoying this parenthood adventure and I think our kids' ages are really fun right now.  Some things are very challenging to do with two small kids, but finding fun things to do as a family has gotten easier and we have already made so many great memories.

I love this little family of mine.
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