Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beach Bums in January

  2013 has been filled with a lot of sunshine - I love that we always seem to get a January heat wave.  Some cold days, some rainy days, but mostly sun and warmth.  Over here, we thrive on sunshine...I don't know how to function if my kids can't get outside to play.  We took advantage of the great weather and made it to the beach 5 days in a row...not bad for a January.  We took a day trip to Santa Barbara, we spent a lot of time at the park, I spent a lot of time starring at Decker (yes, yes, I stare at and adore my other children too, but he is still the newbie over here I love waking up every day and realizing I get to keep him for good), and we weathered a yucky stomach bug.  The girls even survived their first trip to the dentist (no tears, no cavities!)  After we took Harper's bink away and moved the girls into a bedroom together we had a few long days of whining and behavioral issues and readjusting to do - luckily for the time being we seem to be over that hurdle.  We finally got the kids' bathroom and bedrooms painted and their rooms are just about done (although I am not ready to kick Decker out of our room yet), and  we have been enjoying our weekends.  Decker did sleep in his own bedroom one night for a few hours (I could hardly stand it) and he did alright.  One fab January memory is when Harper locked herself and Decker in the car and I couldn't get to them - I panicked and called Marc and he calmly told me to call I did.  Gratefully Harper figured out how to unlock the door before the fire department showed up and I had a major meltdown.  It is crazy to think that we have already entered into February but January was a good month packed with lots of sweet memories and it was the perfect way to start our year.

The girls did super great at the dentist.  Harper wanted me to hold her hand at first, but eventually she relaxed and I think she even kind of liked it.  

This was Decker's first time at the beach.  I think he liked it.  Hard to tell :)

The girls had so much fun running around in the water's edge with their friend Kate.  

Mornings typically consist of Disney, iPads, and chocolate milk.

We had a fun day in Newport with our friends Katina and Lauren.  We had breakfast at Ruby's on the pier and then played in the sand and at the park.

We love Lauren.

Orange County sledding...

Our day trip to Santa Barbara was great fun.  We made the decision to go sporadically and we had no plans - it was great.

Santa Barbara is gorgeous, but we managed to find a dirty alley way to hang out in and do a little dancing around.

We rented a Surrey bike...we were all first timers.  We laughed so hard.  Love those memories.

I could not be in a more awkward pose if I tried...

I am not sure who these kids belong to, but we cannot keep them out of the water.  It doesn't matter how dang freezing it is, they just have to play in it.

Red lipstick is very popular around our parts - the girls think they are instantly T. Swift when the put it on.  Looks like Harper needs a little practice with the application.

On Sunday we hit the beach twice.  Riviera in the morning and El Moro in the afternoon.  It was a perfect day.

This guy took his morning nap at the beach.

Cousin Mazie joined us for our afternoon beach session - the kids were so excited!

I love everything about him.

Sawyer started doing some crazy dance moves.  

Love this picture from Marc's iPhone...

This girls has hops, no?! 

Grandma and Grandpa came into town so we decided to hit the beach with them again.  Decker doesn't take a bottle or a pacifier but he occasionally sucks on his fingers or on his blanket.

Decks put his toes in the ocean for the first time - his initial reaction was to cry, and then he decided it really wasn't so bad.

Harper is really into the whole princess thing.

Harper: "Mom, I a princess.  Mom you not a princess you a mom.  Mom, you Shrek!"

Grandma came with us to one of our favorite parks.  We spend so much time at parks these days.

I usually sit on a park bench with Decker and watch the girls.  Grandma plays with the girls.  I bet the girls think Grandma is more fun ;)

Sawyer & Harper had a sleepover at the grandparents.  Sawyer woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.  My initial reaction was that I was sad I wasn't there to take care of her, but then, Marc and I decided it was kind of awesome we got out of the yucky barf clean up job.  The grandparents definitely earned a gold star for that!

The next night we had both girls sleep on our bedroom floor in sleeping bags so that we would hear them right away if anyone else got sick.  Decker got booted into his bedroom because the girls made noise and woke him up.  My little bitty baby sleeping in his big old crib for the first night...I pretty much disliked every second he wasn't in our room.  I am attached to the little guy.  As soon as Marc left for work in the morning I brought Decker into bed with me.

I don't know why I ever complain about anything...I am the luckiest mama with some of the greatest kids and these adorable smiles coming my way all day long.

Decker is four months old!

I told Sawyer that Decker had the best big sisters in town.

Sawyer's response?  "But Mommmm, we don't live in Town, we live in California!"

Oh duh, silly me :)

Only Harper...

Me and my best girls.  

We took a walk to the park.  

And Decks got to ride in his "big kid seat" for the stroller and not use his car seat.  He was feeling pretty rad so he gave me a little fist pump, a cute little smile, and then passed out for the next couple of hours.

Lucky lucky mama over here :)

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