Wednesday, June 11, 2014

March 9th-15th, 2014

It is truly amazing how much you would forget if you didn't have photos to freeze time and transport you back to a place/experience/a feeling.  I can barely remember what day it is, let alone what I did 3 months ago, but when I look at the photographs from our adventures, details and narration from those days come flooding back to me.  It is weird.  And it is wonderful.  And I am pretty sure that is precisely why I love photography so much.  

March 9th we went to the pool with some of our neighborhood friends.  I had a photo shoot later that day so I didn't want to get all wet and what not, so it was the perfect excuse for me to sit back and relax, and watch Marc play in the water with the kids ;)  I would like to say that I get to do that all of the time, but I usually end up in the coldish water against my will and end up having fun with all my little people.  Oh the cold water sacrifices you make as a mom.

March 10th was a Monday so it meant Sawyer was back at school.  You are not going to believe this but we had a park date with Canaan.  Afterwards (also a shocker) we played outside at home.  Decker used to love his helmet and be such a champ about putting it on, now a days it has turned into a fight (and we even tried getting him a cooler helmet and he still hates it).

Dude likes to squeeze in a little iPhone time whenever he can.

Sawyer is always antsy to get to school in the morning.

Someone was not too into my picture taking...

After school and once Marc got home we headed back to the beach for a little paddle boarding, boogie boarding time.  We thought Sawyer could maybe use Marc's paddle board but it was far too huge for her.  Harper and Decker played in the sand.

March 11th we played with chalk and Grandma & Grandpa came to town so we met them down by Salt Creek and let them try the deliciousness that is Beach Hut Deli and then we walked down along the beach.  The sunset was gorgeous that evening and the sky was an amazing cotton candy pink.  My pictures didn't really do it justice.

Nancy sent me this.  I don't notice it as much anymore, but she still definitely has her baby cheeks!

"Hey Harper, please don't go in the water!"

Decks was getting molars (which seemed to last a long while) and he was a grouch about the whole thing.  

March 12th we went back to the beach but were surprised to find out how cold it was so we left pretty quick after the kids ate some of the snacks we packed and we headed home for dinner.

March 13th I went to Target with Sawyer and Decker after dropping Harper off at school.  We went through a very long Starbuck's cake pop phase with Decker so of course he had to have one.  After Sawyer got dropped off at school "Dereck" had his 18 month checkup.  "Dereck" still cracks me up…all the letters of his name, just jumbled up.  Ha!

I think I have more anxiety in the pediatric waiting room than my kids do.  Not so much with the girls anymore, but I know Decker is going to 1.) be difficult while we wait in the little checkup room for the doctor 2.) cry when the doctor tries to look in his ears 3.) shots just aren't very much fun

Not quite as chubby as I had suspected, but no shocker that my boy has some big brains ;)

When we got home we played with his favorite tractor toy.  He even tried to ride it.

After school we got in a little more Grandma time.

Friday I had Sawyer ditch school and we cruised down to Carlsbad with Grandma and did some strawberry picking.  Mazie, Grady and Jen met us there too.  We picked and ate a lot of strawberries (and Decker ate a lot of dirt) and then we decided to go just across the way to the Carlsbad flower fields.   They were of course really pretty but Harper had blisters on her feet and I didn't have my stroller so walking around and enjoying ourselves was kind of out of the question.  The kids did play in the little park area and did some mining for gems and they had a great time.

That evening we picked up dinner and sat outside to eat.  Warm evenings are tough to beat.  We took a little dip in the spa afterwards.

Somewhere in there our family became a brand rep for a surf unity brand called Of one Sea.  We love it and love what they represent.  

Yup, those are my son's board shorts floating behind him...

Saturday rolled back around and we found ourselves down at Thousand Steps soaking in some good sunshine.  We made a quick stop for a burger first.  

No such thing as too much love around here

A quick plasma car thrill before loading up in the car...

Some of the coolest (and cutest) kids I have ever known.

After the beach we rinsed off back at Grandma & Grandpa's house. 

Decker was loving life until Marc splashed him in the face...

But he swiftly recovered :)

And then splashed his dad right back (good boy)

Sawyer chose to stay out of the water. 

All in all I'd say it was a pretty good week :)

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