Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The End of February

We finished off February the way we had already spent the previous days in 2014 - we smooshed in as much beach time as possible, even on the rainy, not so pleasant, weather days.  We did a little family bon firing, a day trip to LA (we wandered aimlessly and visited a beach in Malaga Cove), saw a few great sunsets, the girls did some wrestling (Marc encouraged it, I thought it was weird, but kind of funny too), Harper attended the first of many birthday parties this year for one of her classmates, I finally figured out how to French braid (booyah!), Decks was going through some kind of growth spurt and ate his first and ENTIRE In-n-Out burger (he seriously ate it all but maybe a crumb or two that stuck to his face didn't make it in his mouth), we collected seashells and sea glass, Mazie came over for a playdate with Harper, and we did our standard of playing outside in the neighborhood.  

On Friday night we met some of our friends down at West Street beach.  It was beautiful evening and the girls did a little rock jumping (Harper had a minor incident where she accidentally slid down a rock and got a little road rash) and rolling around in the sand.  I say this all the time, but I feel so lucky that we are able to spend so much time at the beach, it really is so refreshing and relaxing.

When he gets tired at the beach he just lays right on down in the sand.  

Sawyer was with us too.  Not sure how she didn't make it into my photos - she was probably avoiding the camera.  That happens from time to time.

We got headed home a little later than we had planned and didn't have anything lined up for dinner so we drove through In-n-Out.  Seriously, this guy eating an entire burger was like the most amazing thing ever.

A messy burger means you need to take a good bath.

Earlier on that Friday Harps had a playdate at the park with a couple of friends from school and we spent some time just playing at home.  

Saturday I put my newly found French braid skills to work and Marc took the kids to the park.  Later in the day we made our way over to Pico for a little beach frolicking and a bon fire.  I love bon fires, we don't have them nearly enough. 

Collecting sticks for the fire, and wrestling in the sand were probably the highlights of the night for the girls.  I personally really enjoyed the perfect sunset and the time with our family.

Sometimes I think the kids think Marc is their human jungle gym.  

So excited to wrestle her sister.  Ha!

They love this…I don't get it...

Decker thinks it is boring.

Looks like Harper won this match.

And Sawyer was chapped!

But they quickly recovered and became best friends again.

I mean…how can Heaven not be real?! 

'Twas a good night.

On Sunday we went down to Salt Creek to walk around and have a little picnic in the grass area.  Beach Hut Deli has the best sandwiches…so we picked some of those up and stuffed our faces.

Those pants and those shirts just weren't working very well for Harper that day (excuse my dirty floor)…

Sunday evening I had a photo shoot scheduled down at Little Corona so Marc brought the kids along and they played at a different part of the beach while I worked.  I always like it when the family can come along.  

And then Decks got completely over it, so we headed for home.

Monday and Tuesday were rather uneventful.  We went to the park, hung out on our street, and made a quick trip to the Spectrum (which I guess is kind of a big event because I feel like it is so far away and kind of a pain to get to). 

Sawyer can be quite the little mama…

We went down by the pier to try and squeeze in a beach evening before the rain came.

Always excited about the train when it comes by...

Somewhere in there we also managed to make our way to Salt Creek to see some of the big waves. 

Harper insisted on wearing this kimono top that is too small for her…

Well, Marc checked out the waves.  I chased the kids around on the beach.

And before school one morning I snapped a picture of Sawyer…she mostly dresses herself and I always think she looks so cute.  

And after school we snacked on lollipops...

Occasionally we don't get around to doing all of Sawyer's homework during the week so we have to finish up in the morning before class.  It is truly my fault, not hers.  She is pretty much always up for school work and learning.  She makes the mom job pretty easy.

The rain finally decided to show up after all this talk about bad weather coming…

But it miraculously cleared up for one of Harper's classmate's birthday parties.

Decker enjoyed the party too...

And then finally the rain came.  Lots and lots of rain and wind. Things kept blowing over in our backyard and we had a cypress tree get knocked down.  Everything was fixable and the kids enjoyed a day of jumping in the puddles. Mazie came over to play with Harper while Sawyer was at school and in the afternoon we made a trip to Starbuck's for cake pops and "vanilla bean papacinos".  It will be so sad when they figure out how to say "frappucino" correctly.

When we got home we had a package from Zara on our front porch.  The girls were excited to try on their new dresses.

Before long it was the weekend again and we made the journey up to Palos Verdes.  We had nothing on the agenda so we did a little sight seeing and went out to lunch.  The kids loved the lifeguard tower and had a ball jumping to Marc.  

Not surprisingly, the weekends are my favorite.  I like the evenings too.  Anytime we are all together is a good time.

Love this crew!

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