Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School 2015/2016

I don't know who, what, when, or how this happened, but summer passed by in a busy, fun, ridiculously quick blur and now here we are, back in school! And not only are we back in school, but I am the proud parent of a second grader and a kindergartener. I swear it wasn't that long ago Sawyer and Harper were tiny babies and the thought of school and schedules was a distant and almost impossible concept.  

While I cried big fat ugly tears when I sent Sawyer off to kindergarten two years ago, I found it much easier sending Harper off today.  Harper likes to be busy and constantly engaged, and sometimes I find it hard to keep her as occupied and stimulated as she would like…so school is the perfect place!  Sawyer also loves learning and socializing and doing the whole school thing, so my heart feels more happy than sad and I am excited for my girls and for their growth.

Getting "ready" for the school year wasn't as monumental as it has been in the past either.  We did some casual school shopping here and there, made a special trip to the mall for some new shoes (sneakers and a pair of boots for each girl, of course)and followed the school's supply list and got what we needed and not much else.  I don't know, in my mind "back to school shopping" is a big ordeal and involves lots of purchases and shopping bags and the laying out of outfits once you get home but somehow we bypassed most of that this year, and no one seems to even care.  I liked it.  Very little stress was involved.

Yesterday felt like a normal summer day and we finished the evening off at the beach as a family.  The kids got in bed later than they should have and I only snoozed my alarm twice this morning.  Only one lunch needed to be packed since Harper had a super short day/orientation and Marc stayed home from work so I had an extra set of hands to help with the boys.  Decker wasn't thrilled about the girls leaving and had a tantrum on the driveway (wrapped around my legs and laying on the ground, no less) but I managed to snap a few photos of the girls anyway. Sawyer was excited but nervous and Harper was excited too.

I feel like I am supposed to be sad tonight but I am mostly just happy and feeling proud of my kids but just dreading waking up to an alarm tomorrow.  

I sure love my babies and their wildly different personalities and I would like to note that Harper chose black finger nail polish for her first day of school.  Not sure why, but I think that is pretty funny.

The only charming photo I got of Decker all day…snacks opened and smashed all over the ground, him wrapped around my ankles (still wearing his jammies) crying loud enough to wake all of the neighbors.  Amazingly enough, I still think he's pretty cute.

The parking situation at the school this morning was out of control.  I had to park like a 1/2 mile away and walk.  Although Harper didn't start school until a couple of hours late than Sawyer, she went with me to drop Soys off and to see her classroom.  My baby is in 2nd grade.  Wow.

Harper was so anxious for her school to start.  I really am so thankful Marc was able to stay home with the boys since it was a parent orientation for her first day of class.  We parked the car and Harps wanted to run to her classroom, even though we were early.  She was so pumped.  She did get distracted by a rolie polie bug though.

And then back on the home front…

Marc and Sawyer took advantage of the day and squeezed in a surf session, just the two of them.  I wish I had a photo of them together today, I love their cute bond.

And Sawyer finished her first homework assignment of the year…and "All About Me" bag.  She is on a real surf kick right now ;)

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