Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry, Merry

I love this time of year, so many fun things happening.  Christmas trees, Santa Claus, lights, presents, family, and lots and lots of love.  Cheesy much? Perhaps.  But I really do think that this is a magical time of year :)

Today my sister took her husband to Vegas for his 30th birthday to see Garth Brooks in concert, leaving us to watch Mazie for the night.  We love having Mazie fun having your favorite babes all in one place.  We spent the day just hanging out at home.  I attempted a failed photo shoot of the girls, and Marc and Sawyer successfully finished hanging our Christmas lights.  

(I took the babies on a walk today...Sawyer walked through the neighborhood pushing her own baby doll stroller wearing this)

 (I was struggling getting pictures of the three hard to do it without an extra set of hands...Marc was busy working on the lights.)

 (So fun that they get to grow up together...just 5 weeks apart.)

 (I am so obsessed with my littlest Little...she is such a mama's girl.)

 (I thought moving the picture taking party inside would make things easier, it didn't really.  In fact, Sawyer ditched us all together.)

 (This could quite possibly be my favorite Christmas picture ever.)

(Oh wait, I think this one is my favorite :) )

(Marc's parents used this at their house we have inherited it and it is my favorite Christmas decoration. Honest.)

(Merry, Merry :) I love our festive house! We hired some guys to hang the lights on the house, and Marc wrapped the columns and the trees.  Santa, please come visit us this year!)

(And this is the perfect end to a busy place going, USC game on, and lots of snoring.)

So much to be grateful for :)

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