Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miss Me?

I don't know where the time goes, but it goes, and it goes fast.  

I have had these pictures sitting on my desktop forever (to upload to the blog) and I never got around to it and now I feel like my kids are practically ready to get their driver's licenses and these pictures are so out dated.  Well, when you take 1,893,465 pictures of your kids daily, they quickly become outdated.  Whatever.

Anyways, the girls are growing like little bean sprouts and every single day I try to stop and take a breath and enjoy them and remember them exactly the way that they are, at that very moment. I try to remember the tender, sweet moments...not the crying, poopie ones, just my memory's personal preference.

Things are really good.  Well, we got in a little car accident, that wasn't part of the "really good" part, but I keep thinking that if a mushed bumper on the back of our cute car is our biggest problem, we are doing alright.  And it wasn't our fault it is more of an inconvenience than anything - at least we don't have to pay the $5,000 to fix it.  Well wait, I have the repair appraisal sitting right here so let me be more precise.  At least we don't have to pay the $4,704.10 to fix it ;)

Marc has been busy working and feeding our family, and I have been busy working (OK people, my photog gig is sort of a job now.  Not in a bad way, but seriously, it consumes a large quantity of yes, I am a working mom)and making sure we have fun Christmas presents?  Honestly, I don't know where the money I make goes...but it goes.  Boo.  Sawyer has been busy chatting up a storm and copying every single thing I do.  I even stepped out on our front porch today to check the house number of one of our neighbor's (Christmas card time!) and Sawyer had to go outside and pretend she was doing the exact same thing I just did.  I love her.  Honest.  She is so cute and so funny and she makes me laugh always...even when she is being a huge booger and being naughty.  Harper is the sweetest little gem ever and she is now starting to eat real food, play in her bouncer , enjoy toys, laugh when I bounce her on my hip, cry when strangers look at her, she sits up on her own, and she is my bestest little pet...she likes being by her mama, and I like being by her :)Have I mentioned she is a total cutie too?  I have such cute kids...they take after their dad.  Really...they look just like him.

I hope to get to start blogging more soon and keeping up on journaling about my family and staying current with my photos.  I also have a Shutterfly account (sorry, that bad boy is private...and not in a pervish way, just in a way meaning there is a good chance you don't get to see it) that I literally used to update daily with pics, now I am happy to get to it once every 3 weeks.  Sad day.  I am getting my ish sorted out in 2011.  I swear I will get organized again.

Here are some things that have happened recently...

Marc grew a mustache (for "Movember"...apparently it is for charity?  I still believe he did it just to annoy me ;) has since been removed) and we celebrated Thanksgiving with Marc's mom & dad (not sure why my kids look so angry?) And yes, our Thanksgiving garb is pretty much the same stuff we wore for our family holiday photos.

I turned 26 (barf).

We put up our Christmas trees (no promises, but hopefully I will put up more pictures later).  Sawyer has a pink tree, Harper has a white one, and mom & dad (a.k.a Brynn & Marc) have a big green one.  Sawyer likes to point these things out.

Harper turned 6 months old and to honor her 1/2 birthday, I had photos taken of me and my girls...and of course, the 1/2 birthday girl herself.  I had planned on taking pictures of the girls too when I wasn't busy being in the pictures, but it didn't really work out and I only snapped a for the time being...this picture will have to do.

There you have it.  Here are my scatter brained, overly tired thoughts that I felt like spewing out just for the heck of it.  4 hours of sleep a night is enough to sustain myself, right?  :)

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