Monday, August 15, 2011

not up for opportunity

I don't like to forget things...but I always forget them if I don't write them down.  So here I am, writing this down.

A little while back Marc was being stern with Sawyer and he wanted to tell her that what he was telling her was "not up for discussion" but he flubbed the words a little (or a lot) and said "It is not up for opportunity!"  I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help myself.  Now it is a family joke.  Tonight when Sawyer was in our bed (she said she wanted to sleep with us...not lay between us and keep us up with her singing and rustling around) and we told her she was going to have to sleep in her own bed, she pointed her little finger up to the ceiling in the darkened bedroom and said "I not sleeping in my bed! It is not up for opportunity!"....we laughed.  We love her.  (She eventually got kicked out and had to go in her own bed...I don't think she was ever actually planning on sleeping)

Earlier tonight while we were laying on the couch watching a movie I thought I could smell something stinky.  Normally I would blame Marc, but this wasn't coming from his direction, so Sawyer and I exchanged this dialogue.  

Me: "Sawyer, did you toot?"
Sawyer: "No, your breath stinks!" is it possible for me to ever be in a bad mood when I get to live with my own personal comedian? 
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