Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Fishies & Magic Memories

Sawyer spent most of the summer trying to convince Marc and I (and everyone else, for that matter) that she didn't know how to swim.  We all knew that she could, but she refused to take her life vest off.  Then one day we were playing in the pool with her friend Kate who just learned how to swim this summer and Sawyer felt like she needed to prove a point that she could swim too.  We weren't was a fun end to summer watching her splish splash around and flying through the air as her dad tossed her into the pool.  Summer 2012 was magical.  I feel like it was full of so many happy times and fun memories.  When I think back about the last few months all I can really do is smile.  And when I think of the months ahead all I can do is smile because I am so excited to be sharing my time with our little family of 5.  Life is good.

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