Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ballard's Summer Visit

Now that autumn is here and now that our little family has gone from 4 people to 5 (we are so glad you are here Decker!) I figured I better catch up on our blog and document the rest of our summer that we loved so much.  2012 was a great summer - fun vacations, fun family visits, and lots of time in the sun - it couldn't have been much better. 

Summer felt like it really began when my parents came to visit at the end of July.  Our gray and chilly 4th of July didn't feel too summery, but by the end of the month there was no shortage on hot days.  Even now in October, it is still hot ;)  The end of July was especially awesome because Sawyer rediscovered that she knew how to swim and Harper got over her fear of the water - before we knew it we had two little mermaids on our hands.

While my family was in town we spent time swimming and BBQing at my sister's.

My girls think Mazie's bedroom is the most fun place ever. (other people's toys are always so much more fun than your own)

We told the girls to do a cool pose if they wanted ice cream for dessert...

Marc is always so excited that I am pointing a camera in his face

My dad and his kiddos.

Sawyer, Mazie and Harper love chasing each other.  The happy screams and giggles that go along with it are pretty funny.

These cousins adore each other.

The next morning we had some quiet time at home before heading over to my sister's house to pick up my mom and brother and Mazie.  ON the way over Harps fell asleep in the car...she was exhausted before the fun even began.

We took a field trip to Jack's Surf Shop and to Sprinkles.  Shopping with the 3 little girls proved to be somewhat of a disaster, so we opted for more kid-friendly activities for the remainder of the week.

It is a good thing I have a big car....

We decided to spend some time at the hotel in the pool.  

The whole afternoon Mazie bobbed around in the water singing "Happy Birthday Bubba" at the top of her lungs.  Bubba wasn't with us, nor was it his birthday...pretty funny stuff.  

My parents were staying at the Laguna Cliff's Marriott and that is officially my favorite pool/splash pad for the kids.  I wish we could spend more time there.  The next day we went back to the hotel for some pool time, but first we stopped and picked up some bagels for breakfast.  When I am pregnant I crave Brueggers.

One day Mazie went to daycare and I got a babysitter for my littles and I got to go out to breakfast with my mom and little brother and we were able to do some shopping.  It was a really fun morning.

Whenever I take some time without my kids I cannot wait to get back to them and get in some snuggles.  

My parents brought marigold seeds from their garden in Virginia and had the kids plant them in little pots.  Not sure what ever happened to those pots but the activity was fun regardless.

Before the Ballards headed back East we had a yummy dinner outside and the girls decided to hop in the pool with all of their clothes on.  It was a perfect fun night, and a great reminder of how much I wish my parents lived closer ;)

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