Monday, January 13, 2014

December 2013 |: The First Three Weeks

December (like every month) was busy.  And although I love the holidays and being busy, deep down I am a little happy when it is all over…can I even say that?  I like it when things are a slower pace and I can enjoy them more.  That being said, it was, in fact, a good month.  Here is a look at the first three weeks... 

Last year we ordered a giant live Christmas tree through Costco. This year we decided to actually go to the lot and pick something out ourselves - the only two requirements were that we got a flocked tree, and that it actually fit in our living room (unlike last year when the tree basically took up our entire downstairs).    

We weren't brave enough to strap the tree to the top of the car, so we had them deliver it to our home the next day.

A common weekly occurrence is a play date with Decker's best bud Canaan.  Usually Harper plays with them too.  It is so nice having a best friend have a baby at the same time as you.  I really missed out on that when Sawyer was a baby.

It really doesn't happen all that often but occasionally we get to go to the park after school.  Decker usually naps right when Sawyer gets home so we are stuck at the house, but every now and then it works out and the kids love it.  

What is even luckier than an afternoon park excursion?  Having your cousins come meet you at the park too! And friends! 

And of course Decker and Grady played like animals…head butting and doing those sorts of things.

There was a day I had Sawyer wear a tunic as a dress to school and I later realized it was much too short to be worn with just tights.  And Harper had the same problem and must have known her mom dressed her funny because she wasn't happy about it.  Lesson learned.

Marc had some really busy days at work and was too tired in the evening to put the lights on the Christmas tree.  I got sick of waiting so the kids and I did the lights ourselves - we were so proud :)

One of our favorite Christmas decorations is this old light up Santa that belonged to Marc's family when he was growing up.  Picking it up from storage at Grandma & Grandpa's always makes everyone smile.

We typically hire someone to put the Christmas lights on our house, but Marc adds more lights to the bushes and trees.  Marc put his final touches on the house on a rainy weekend morning.

The finished product is always so great.  I failed to take a decent photo of our house this year, I regret it.

Since it was rainy we took time our Saturday afternoon to go visit Santa Claus at the mall.  The girls were excited but once we got there they both started to act a little nervous.  Decker cried (screamed) during the photos and for a solid hour afterwards.  He really hated the whole experience.

I had a photo shoot on Sunday morning so my two favorite boys/photo assistants came with me.  I was taking photos for a friend so I didn't feel bad having them tag along.

We met up with Grandma, Grandpa, and the girls at the pier once we were done with the shoot.  The girls had a sleepover with their grandparents the night before - always a big treat for Sawyer and Harper, and a treat for Marc & I too.  

Harper worked on her swing acrobatics...

Tried to take a couple of photos, Harper wasn't too interested. 

Like all kids, our kids love when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree.

What I love most about tree decorating is unwrapping the memories from all of the previous years.  It is crazy how quickly time goes but how fast you forget things.  

One thing I am positive I will never forget was the Christmas when we first put a pink Christmas tree in Sawyer's bedroom. Now Sawyer shares that tree (and that bedroom) with Harper.  And the tree that once towered over her is now dwarfed when she stands next to it.  Sometimes my heart hurts a little - my baby is growing up and I can't do anything to slow it down.

As cheesy it sounds, it really was heartwarming to watch the girls decorate their tree together.  I love them.

There is something magical about pink holiday decor…maybe it is just the kid that is still inside of me that loves it so much.

The mall with 3 kids has turned into quite an adventure.  Sometimes it is perfect and easy, and other times it feels like a mild form of chaos. (For the record, we only get the red car when Grandma is with us, otherwise Decks is in a stroller and the girls walk)

Sometimes the best moments are the quiet moments at home.  Sometimes those quiet moments turn into crying moments, and those aren't the greatest.

I do think that 3 is a magical age.  I also think 3 kids is a magical number.  3 is basically magical in general - no wonder it is my favorite number.  

Sometimes 3 can be a crowd though too

But for the most part, it all works out really well.

Ever wonder what I look like on one of my most tired days?  My self-timer will show you.

We had been playing inside then suddenly the girls ran inside with an idea…apparently their stuffed dog Ralph hadn't been feeling too well.  

December evenings are always a little cozier because of the Christmas tree.

In recent months I have started to feel like the girls have gotten closer and are able to play together more and more.  Happy sibling moments are my favorite parenting moments…nothing beats it.  And side note, I thought that sweatshirt was a little bit ugly but with "FUN" written across it in giant letters I couldn't pass it up for our very own fun one.  It is so perfectly Harper.

Remember how I said Harper is fun?  Well she is just always busy making her own fun and doing her own thing…

And that is precisely why we love her so much.  She just makes us smile.

I have been so terrible about blogging, but going back and looking at all these pictures reminds me of how lucky I really am.  Love this family of mine to the moon and back.  Or like I always tell the girls, I love them more than infinity.  

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