Sunday, January 5, 2014

November 2013 Flashback

Although it is only January, I cannot believe how long ago November sounds.  

We started November off right - good weather and a fun play date.  Unfortunately this was the last day Decker felt well (and how well he felt is questionable) before spending weeks with our 3 kids battling various colds and flu bugs.  

Harper and Hadley play so well together, it is so fun now that Hads moved back from Boston.

Based on the pictures I took of Decker this day, I am going to say it is safe to assume he didn't feel all that well ;)

Sicky baby eyes and mama snuggles.  I hated seeing this boy under the weather, but the extra lovin' he was giving me (or I was giving him?) was really great.

In November I finally felt like I got Sawyer back - the school year transition was a tough one and something about her just seemed different.  Getting my bestie back surely was a highlight.

We spent sometime outside pretending we actually were experiencing a fall season.  Only a few scattered leaves and tank top dresses made it hard to get into the feeling of autumn.

My sweet dude snoozed so much there for a couple of weeks trying to fight off whatever it was that was bringing him down.  My biggest mom challenge these days is trying to juggle his schedule - it seems like whenever I put him down for a nap I have to wake him up early to pick up or drop off one of his sisters.  Sometimes real life obligations can be such a pain.

So when you only have one kid and they don't feel well you don't leave the house.  When you are kid #3 you have to champ it up and sit at the park even when all you really want to do is sleep.  Decker surely deserves some kind of reward because he just goes with the flow (almost always).  Have I mentioned how great I think he is?!

We have some really nice friends that invite us to places like the Montage and Pelican Hill to go swimming.  How fortunate are we to live in a vacation destination and to be able to hang out in the pool in November?!  I guess I have been bubbling over with thankfulness lately - my family and my home are pretty much top notch.  The Montage is a great place to spend your afternoon eating poolside.  It is an even greater place for your husband to swim with and entertain our kids.  I was actually laying down in a lounge chair…and relaxing!

Walking back to our car from the pool Sawyer found a "wisher".  Harps was so bummed she couldn't find her own "wisher" that she just used Sawyer's leftovers.

Early in November we got our new carpet installed and the kids really took to the playroom.  One day I found Harps dressed like this…

And for awhile there Sawyer constantly wanted to play teacher - I think she just likes bossing her brother and sister around.  Not sure why she always would sit in the toy stroller while conducting her teacher business.

And at some point during the month of November Decker discovered that he enjoys coloring…

In hopes of feeling some holiday spirit we went up to Roger's Gardens one night to see the Christmas lights.  Harper was infatuated with the train.  


Good gracious I adore these kids.  I wonder how many people I nauseate...

The girls and I had a playdate so Marc dressed up Decks in his finest gear and they went to Whole Foods for a little football watching/lunch/snacking.

Later that day I was taking photos for some of our best friends so my gang came with me.  

We rarely get seasonal weather so the girls were stoked when we finally got some rain - they were dying to get outside and splash in the puddles.  Decker didn't think it was nearly as fun since he was confined to his stroller.

After a rainy day it only makes sense to get cozy on the couch with your sisters and watch a little tv.  Ha.  I love Decker's cheese face so much.

Sawyer had her last soccer game of the season and scored two goals and got a trophy.  It was a pretty exciting day.

Cannot wait until this girl is old enough to play a little AYSO too…

And he can stay little and just be a spectator for awhile…I am not ready for him to grow up.

Decker and I were able to attend Sawyer's Thanksgiving show.  It was adorable and I loved watching her sing her little heart out. Each of the kids had to draw a picture of something they were thankful for…Sawyer chose her house.  I am thankful for our house too…but I am most thankful for the people living inside the house.

Sawyer was so embarrassed when this little boy asked me if he could be in a picture with Sawyer…

Thanksgiving break was a good change of pace and I loved every second of having all 3 kids at home with me.  Fun lunches out, shopping trips and park play dates made for some good days.

I don't know what it is about Harper but she reminds me of dessert…I just want to nibble on her cute chubby cheeks.

The older the girls get the more they play together.  I can see their friendship growing daily and it makes me so excited.

We didn't have big Thanksgiving plans - Marc works Friday after Thanksgiving so it is difficult to go anywhere, and no family was planning on coming to us, so we had decided to just spend the holiday at home.  My sister had her in-laws in town but was gracious enough to invite us over too and it turned out to be a really great day.  The girls played so awesome with their cousin Mazie and Decker and Grady rolled all over each other and the adults just had a fun time.  

I should also say this was one of my favorite Thanksgiving feasts yet.  Thanks Bryt! 

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