Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of 2013 Recap with Pictures from September-October.

2013 was a really great year.  It was full of lots of family time and fun memories. It was the year we sent our first baby off to kindergarten and our second baby off to preschool.  It was a summer full of visiting of grandparents, spending time in the pool and playing at the beach - and therefore making our blonde kids even blonder ;).  Harper learned how to swim (the girl is a fish)and we discovered that Decker loves the water.  For me it was a year of really learning how to juggle three kids with only two hands and for Marc it was a year to learn new things at work and change job titles.  It was Sawyer's soccer games in the fall and running both girls to dance classes in the afternoons.  Harper started gymnastics and Decker is still working on figuring out how to walk - he did, however, master crawling.  It has been a year of mostly ups and only a few downs and for that I am grateful.  It was the year we did our first home renovation and added on a playroom.  We finally put in new carpet and repainted the inside of our house.  At the end of the year we found out we were expecting Baby #4 and we were both excited and scared, but mostly just excited.  Our excitement didn't last long when I miscarried around 7-7.5 weeks.  Although it was sad, surprising, upsetting, and scary, we are trucking along and are looking forward to the new year ahead of us.  So many things were so wonderful in 2013 that we look at the happy and try to move past the sad.  I love my family so so much - there are so many moments I wish I could freeze because everyday my world seems to move faster and faster and I just want it to slow down…not ready for my kiddos to pack up and move out…I hope they stick around for a long while ;) I kind of want to barf that I have done so poorly at keeping up with my blog, so hoping this year I can focus on keeping our family memories documented - I take plenty of photos (Lord knows I probably take too many photos) I just hope to put some words with the pictures so that I don't forget everything.

Here is a quick recap starting with the end of September… 

We do a lot of beach gazing and treat eating…we always feel so lucky that we get to live close to the ocean, so we try to at least see it and appreciate it as often as possible.

He may or may not have been given some Slurpee.

We spent a lot of the end of September and October living in a construction zone.  I mostly hated it, although the people that did our addition were wonderful.  No matter what though, having small kids is sucky when your house is torn up.  Looking back though, it was totally worth it.

Decker and I had oodles of park dates, and many of them included our friends Canaan and Kelsey.  If we were lucky, the girls would be home from school and they would join us too.

Once Decker turn 1 I gave up on this dream of him taking a bottle and I tossed all of the milk I had been storing up for him.  Breastfeeding has been an adventure with each kids and has been totally unique with each one of them.  I never thought I would still be nursing Decks when he was 15 months old…the plan is to have him weaned within the next week.  Fingers crossed.  

In true Southern California fashion, September and early October were scorching, so we got in some extra pool and beach time.  The beach was actually too hot on this particular day and we scored ourselves a collection of crabby kids.

And in true Talega fashion the pools aren't heated to the Dimick family liking in the fall months (the water is barely acceptable by my standards even in the summer months) so we went to the pool only to have our kids refuse to get into the "freezing" water (although Marc even thought it was freezing, and he is tougher than the rest of us).

One evening we met up with some friends at a park and went to a BBQ competition.  We showed up a little too late and all of the BBQ'ers were already packing up the goods.  At least we got a family picture out of it though…

Every October we look forward to going to Pumpkin City in the Laguna Hills Mall parking lot and participating in carnival rides and pumpkin purchasing.  It is one of my favorite things to do around Halloween time.

In the summer Harper started taking gymnastics classes with her cousin Mazie.  I don't know why but I have been so impressed with her strength and watching her learn new things.  

Somedays Marc works late and everyone is tired and exhausted (Marc especially) by the time he gets home.  Other days it works out that he is home early and we get to go have a family play date…sometimes it is at a new park or exploring a new beach.  On this particular day it was a new park.  I totally love family afternoons/evenings like these.

Remember how I mentioned we lived in a construction zone for awhile?  Our house was super dusty…and somedays it was just easier to let Decker go explore…

Of course the park dates continue all year long and we are spoiled to be in shorts and t-shirts at the park in October.  And Decker is even more spoiled that he gets to spend so much time with his bud.

I miss the days when the girls were home with me all day everyday (I honestly cannot wait for summer for that very reason) but I do love the time I get to spend with my baby boy.  And this dude loves a spoonful of peanut butter.

Marc's 30th birthday came and went.  We had big plans to do something fun and crazy but that kind of fizzled and we ended up not really doing a whole lot…although we did get a shake and ice cream cone at Ruby's Shake Shack.  Oh well, isn't 40 a bigger birthday milestone anyways?  Or does that just mean you are super old at that point ;) Just for the record, we love him like whoa, how much we celebrated his birthday doesn't indicate how much we love him. 

For me I am not sure if there is anything better than seeing your kids play together. 

By the end of October Decker's hair was in need of a trim.  I was hoping to have the ends cleaned up but to kind of leave the natural flow of his hair - the poor kid hated getting his hair cut and he ended up with a super short 'do that I kind of hated. Next time I will not be taking him to the mall to get his locks taken care of.

 The soccer weekends kind of blend together but I really had fun going to Sawyer's soccer games…especially towards the end of the season when it finally clicked for her and she started getting more aggressive and started scoring some goals.  I am really not a pushy sports mom, but who doesn't like to see their kid have fun and do well?!

Decker's favorite place to hang out during the soccer games...

When Harper is home from school she likes to help me around the houses…it takes her about 15 minutes to switch out the paper towel roll…

And she entertains her brother (or thinks she is entertaining) by climbing onto the tray of his high chair…

And then she feeds Decks an unwanted cracker.  Maybe school isn't such a bad thing after all?! 

Another soccer game…another happy Decker.  And a happy Sawyer.  And I am not sure why Harper is in the stroller and Decker is on the ground.

I haven't been able to help out in Sawyer's class very much because I have Harper and Decker to take care of too, but I have lucked out a few times and been able to sneak away and be there for the holiday parties.  Sawyer was so excited that I was there with here for their Halloween party/project day - it made me extra happy knowing she was so glad (and proud) that her mom was in class with her.  I wonder at which age that is going to change?  Hopefully never.

When Sawyer gets home from school she is always eager to love on her baby brother.  I don't actually remember the circumstances but Harper doesn't seem nearly as excited about Sawyer getting home from school.  Ha!

And just because I adore him…

Although we went to Pumpkin City early in October, we never actually picked up pumpkin to carve so we headed to a nearby pumpkin patch.

It was a fun time but of course there had to be some tears when Sawyer accidentally sat on Harper's toe.

Thank goodness for quick recoveries…

Pumpkin carving is always a hit with the girls.  This year Marc (he is kind of in charge of this event, whether he wants to be or not) let the girls draw the faces on their pumpkins and then he cut them out.  I swear they had a fun time, I don't know why Harps looks so serious.

Even though I have yet to fully wean Decker, he did decide he really liked a morning sippy cup, especially one filled with chocolate milk.  

 Sawyer's best friend from babyhood doesn't live super close by so they don't get to see that much of each other with their busy schedules, but it is always fun when they get to meet up…and when we get all the siblings together too.  

Halloween was really fun this year.  Per tradition we had my sister and her family come over and trick-or-treat with us.  My brother-in-law's parents were in town too so they came as well.  It was a really fun evening and I love that we spend it together every year.  I took my kiddos out a couple of days before Halloween to snap some photos of them in their costumes.  Sawyer was SO into her "Hollywood movie star" costume and Decker hated his shark get-up.  Harper looked darling in her mermaid outfit and it was so fitting for her.  I am obsessed with my people.

I normally decorate at least a little bit for Halloween, but this year, since our house was under construction, I never got out my fall decorations.  I panicked Halloween morning and ran to Michael's and grabbed some random clearance stuff to spiff up my kitchen a little bit.  

Sawyer forgot her red lipstick and Decker forgot his shark head…both were probably better off.

I kept trying...

We ordered pizza.  Hung out with cousins and did some trick-or-treating.  It was a perfect Halloween.  

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