Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Beach Day

Way back in June we spent a day at Baby Beach in Dana Point.  It was the only day we spent there the entire summer and I am not really sure why because the kids had a lot of fun playing and splashing in the water.  It was pretty crowded though, so maybe that was why I never ventured back.  I cannot believe that was already almost 3 months ago...

Have we ever discussed how Harper's hair grows several different directions in the back?

If this bathing suit bottom makes Sawyer's bum look that big...can you imagine what it would look like on an adult?  Oh my word.

Cleaning up to go home...Harper couldn't get enough of the powder.

A swimsuit change and a rinse off in the sprinkler.

Dad taught them how to wrestle. Kind of.

I love being serenaded when I am in the bath.

Harper decided she needed a little quiet time in her baby doll stroller.

These girls are the best.

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