Thursday, September 20, 2012


Moments come and go so quick and things have been so busy - my blog needs some catching up (ok not some, a ton!) but one thing I don't want to forget is how happy I am. Right now, life is good, really good. We got one another and a baby on the way and I feel so content and focused on the things that really matter. It's a great feeling, one I want to have forever. I love that my days are spent with my girls. Everyday is more fun and I grow even more aware of how lucky I am that they are mine. My husband is my fave and we can hardly even wait to add our little boy into the mix. Life is flying by but it really does just keep getting better with every passing day.

I love this little life of ours.

And I love that I have little to no space, ever.  I have been pretty tired lately, so my girls let me rest, but they like to be nice and close to me at all times.

lucky mama.

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