Friday, July 22, 2011

All in a Friday

We were supposed to watch Mazie today.  We were excited.  Because of traffic it didn't work out, we were sad.  We had a good day though...and we are still having a good day, and it isn't even 4:00 yet.  Our Friday...

Spilled milk.

Bed head and Funny Faces.

Happy morning faces (notice she has a camera in her hand - she's my girl).

Horse Shoes in my bedroom...why not?

Waking up baby sister from a nap.

Enjoying baby sister.

Sister bonding.

My favorite little ones.

Lunch outside.  TB...a Friday treat.

Joy Riding.

A Thumbs Up.

Sawyer was behind the wheel...Harps and I held on for dear life.  Yes, Sawyer takes me for rides too...

A girl after my own heart (that is the saying, right?).  Sawyer brought her camera in her "trunk" in case a photo op came up.

Hugs. Sort of.

Mommy Bonding.

Napping (Harper).  Relaxing (Sawyer).

Now waiting for Marc to get home for some family BBQing.  

I like today.

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