Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Distance Relationship | Day at the Beach

About a year ago one of my friends moved to Oregon...and now she and her family are getting ready to move to China.  Yes, CHINA!  That is far away people.  I think I really liked it when she just lived on the street behind me (much more convenient) but I am excited for her to begin her new journey.

Katie has been spending some time in California before her big move, and me and the girls were lucky enough to get to hang out with her and her kids (and her new baby! and some other friends) at the beach the other day.  We went to Three Arch and the weather was ridiculously pretty and it was so fun watching the kids play.  A husband of one of the friends was there and he dug a big hole for the kids to play in; Sawyer was in heaven.  Harper was happy eating the sand, rolling in the sand, and making a fast scoot for the water whenever she got the chance.  I couldn't help but think how much more fun beach days are this summer than they were last summer...as sad as I am that my kids are growing up, it really just keeps getting better.

I managed to not take any pictures of the kids actually looking at the camera (besides Reese) but seriously...I love these two together...

Beck told Sawyer she needed to wash the sand off of her hands before she could share his popcorn with him, so she was heading down to the water to clean her paws.

Here they come...popcorn in hand (and presumably clean hands).

Reese, she would be a nice sister-in-law for Sawyer ;)

Harper made some new friends...

...and she covered her face (and eyeballs) in sand...

Harper making a scoot for the water totally reminded me of Sawyer at the same age...she was the same way, always trying to get down to the water.  

Sawyer loved the "big shovel"...I think I might need to invest in one for our next beach outing.

Jumping into the "splash pool".

And what is a recent blog post without iPhone pictures?

Picture perfect day...

It was a fun afternoon and I am so grateful for my friends...I have good ones :)

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