Monday, July 25, 2011


On Saturday we went to Catalina (it was my first time ever to visit the island!)  We had to wake the girls up early to get ready to go.  When we went in to wake Harper up she was already awake and STANDING UP in her bed.  Big news over here at the Dimick house...this was Harper's first time standing up by herself like that.  We were all giddy about it.  Too bad I didn't get a picture.

We met my sister and her family in Newport to catch the boat.  We struggled finding parking (user error) so we were a little late getting onto the boat, so we missed out on getting seats so we had to stand on the back of the boat for the whole hour and 15 minute ride.  It worked out fine and it was actually really great because we saw a huge group of dolphins,  there were at least 10 of them, and we saw a whale!  Sawyer said "the dolphins are just like the mermaids!"...she is fascinated with mermaids these days.  It was so exciting.  No one got sick, the kids were good, and the parents had fun, it was a good little trip.

Harps spent part of the boat ride in the stroller.

Aunt Bryt brought some quite books for the girls to look at.

My favorite was when it looked like Harper was going to blow away.  Obviously I wouldn't think it was funny if she did blow away, but her cheeks and her hair were blowing ferociously in the wind (well her hair was...her cheeks were just jiggling).

Me and my sister and our kids.

When we got to Catalina we were all hungry so we headed to Descanso for some grub.  Lunch took forever.  They lost our ticket and our food didn't come out for an hour...that is a long time to wait to eat with 3 squirmy kids.  The adults took turns taking the kids on little walks, and we had a great view right on the water, so we weren't complaining.  The food was tasty when it finally did come out, and we got a 10% discount since we had to wait for time and all eternity, so that was cool.  

We sat under this palm tree to have lunch and we looked out over the water.

These girls are the cutest.  Mazie totally fits in with mine, huh?

Mazie is so cute, she is always looking out for her little cousin Harper.  She is trying to give her a hug here.

I am not sure what is happening but it looks like she is petting her like a dog.

We had big plans to rent golf carts and explore the island, except we didn't really realize you needed car seats to go in the golf carts and the rule is only one kid per we would have needed 3 carts...we decided against that idea and then, well, we spent the next 3 hours just walking around.  Stopped at a park. Had some ice cream.  I bought a bracelet.  We saw some giant hideous fish in the water, the baby girls took turns soiling their diapers, Sawyer had her first porta-potty experience (it was as good as could be expected),   we did a lot of chatting, a good amount of laughing, and just had fun doing pretty much, well, nothing.  We all felt like we were on vacation from real life and it felt good to spend the day "away".  We got a lot of questions about which kid belonged to which parent and Mazie & Harper threw a lot of people...we got a lot of "are they twins?" and confused faces when we said no.  

Just lookin' at her and lovin' her..

None of the kids were in the mood for this photo op apparently.

These two weren't cooperating...

Yes Gabe, this photo did indeed make it on a blog...

The boat ride home wasn't quite as perfect as the ride there.  The babies were fine, Sawyer was getting tired, cranky and hungry.  She was kind of naughty and it was making me kind of tired.  We survived though with no big "scenes" and Harper was asleep in her car seat as soon as we got back to the car.  When we got home we put the kids to bed and Marc & I ordered pizza and watched a movie.  It was a great day and we were lucky to have fun people to share it with.  We love you Willhites!
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