Monday, July 25, 2011

S'More Lovin'

On Friday we stayed home and BBQ'd and made s'mores in our fire pit.  BBQ chicken was sounding so yummy to me, so that what was on the menu.  Marc cooked it to perfection, so good.  We could hardly get Sawyer to take a bite and try it, but Harper totally scarfed it down along with the mashed potatoes.  Sawyer = terrible eater, Harper = great eater.  It is much more fun to cook when one of your children actually enjoys food.  Sawyer would live on milk and apple juice if she could, she practically does.

After we put Harper to bed we made s'mores in our fire pit.  Sawyer made the most awful looking marshmallows ever, it was laughable, but she was so proud of them and was even willing to eat the pieces of char (but we talked her out of it).  I love doing simple little things like that with our family, I enjoy it...I think they do too.      

I love this...

Then we all went to bed early so that we could get up bright and early (we had to be out of the house by 7:30AM...that is really early for me and the girls) to get on the boat to head to Catalina.
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