Friday, November 11, 2011

Helmet Heads

Marc was home from work yesterday and I took the day off from editing (and I didn't have any scheduled shoots, whoo hoo).  We headed to Wood Ranch at the Spectrum (I am obsessed with their mac & cheese and mashed sweet potatoes)and rode on the carousel.  Harper cried on the carousel pretty much the whole was a little weird since she loved it the last time we went on it.  Marc wanted to get Sawyer a new pink Razor so we picked one up at Target - Sawyer was stoked.  Santa had planned ahead and got the girls new helmets to go with the new bikes they are getting for Christmas, but Dad was excited about the helmets and gave the girls their new helmets yesterday.  Really, it was a good thing...I don't want the kids in the Escalade anymore without their helmets on, it freaks me out (especially since Sawyer drives Harper around in it now).

Pure excitement.

I love their brains too.

Harper keeps one hand on Sawyer at all times.  

Love Harper's cheeks!

Stuck in a rut.


Marc told them to hit one another on the helmet (good parenting? :) )...Harper couldn't wait.

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