Sunday, November 13, 2011


Marc doesn't have a son so he teaches his girls to do boyish how to throw a football.  I walked in the room the other day and Marc was trying to convince Sawyer that she wanted her very own football to play with.  The convincing work, because the next time we were at Target, a football was what she asked for.  

Sawyer actually throws surprisingly well, she must not be my child.  Harper also throws well...she often throws her clippies at me when she gets mad.  

While Sawyer and Marc threw around the football (Harper wanted to play too but she didn't quite grasp the concept) Harper kicked around a ball.  I hope one of our kids plays soccer, even if it is just little kid AYSO for a few seasons, I think I would really like that.

Sawyer picked out a football that glows in the dark.



She is actually a decent kicker.

Marc was telling Harper to go get the ball.  She was confused.

At 8:30 on Saturday night our family was tuckered out. We are party animals. 

Sawyer's throw...

Harper being Harper (and I was talking to Marc while filming, it is kind of confusing).

Touch Down!

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